Messenger of Light

Silently we stood observing one another. Turning his head from side to side, the dragonfly seemed as interested in me, as I was of him. It is no simple task to take a picture of a dragonfly with your phone, you must move in close and hope he doesn’t dart away. But in this case, I knew he was allowing me to be in his magical presence. Just prior to this encounter I had watched the dragonflies dance in the sunlight over a little creek bed. Their wings flashed iridescent blue colors which mingled with the golden sun rays and the vibrant green all around us. I told my husband we were in the presence of fairies, and I was honored to be welcome there. As we continued up the trail my husband went a

Hummingbird Wisdom

I was in a meditative state as I returned from my morning walk, still in awe of the dazzling skies of the Sahara Dust storm. Walking up the driveway, I saw a small winged creature flopping on my driveway, I thought it was an injured moth. As I got closer, I saw that it was a young hummingbird. She appeared injured as one wing did not seem to work, stopping to rest, she lay motionless and I wondered if she was going to die. Surely, my fate on this miraculous morning was not to meet a dying hummingbird. For the hummingbird is one of my animal messengers, and the one that I named my business “Restoring Light” after. For when I was contemplating the direction to take my life work, a hummingbird

The Gift from the Sahara Dust Storm

As I reflected on the great Sahara dust cloud which is moving across the ocean right now, I thought about how the people of old would share stories to explain the mysteries in the sky and nature that they saw. I imagined such a story and share it with you to enjoy. “Once upon a time when man was connected to the earth and the spirit beings who took care of it, stories were shared and passed down to teach people about the mysteries in the world around them. One such story unfolded as a man sat beside his son, gazing at the vibrant colors of the sky at the sunset. Looking in wonder at the sky the boy asked, “what does this mean”? And the man answered “There was a time when the people of the ea

Plugging in to Power

The steel giant stood before me projecting an image of power, yet I had no fear. For the light of Spirit revealed itself, slowly at first, then increasing in intensity until the steel giant looked like but a shadow. The symbolism in that moment was powerful, It flooded my mind with images, I knew I had to share with you. I saw the steel giant as representing the government forces and individuals who spread fear across our nation; and try to silence our voices. Standing larger than life they try to control us and drive us into complacency. Let me share a secret about this power line, can you see the three wires running to it? Symbolically, these wires represented the energy of body, mind, and

Creating a Healthy Lifestyle

Are you building healthy vibrant cells or cells which are prone to dysfunction or disease? When you feel ill or your body hurts, do you listen to your body and recognize its language? Each day your body creates billions of new cells, the health of those cells depends on many factors, such as the foods you eat, nutrients you supplement with, how much exercise you get, and if you get enough rest each day. In this video, I share some of the steps I take throughout my day to stay CONSCIOUSLY FOCUSED on building and restoring my health. I hope these ideas inspire you to build your health as well. Building health and vitality takes a commitment to making healthy choices. This is my new morning ‘p

Mimosa the flower of Joy

The beginning of the summer brings the unfolding of the beautiful Mimosa flowers. Their wispy blossoms dance is the summer breeze against beautiful blue skies. Her beautiful ‘air like’ flowers reflect the joy and happiness one experiences when connected to the Creator and to their higher self. The Chinese name for the Mimosa flower, he huan hua, translates as ‘collective happiness flower’. Wow, how appropriate. Her delicate pink flowers soothe the body and mind. In Chinese medicine, the bark and flower of this plant is used to calm the nervous system and help a person to connect to their heart center. Notice also how her flowers reach upwards like little fingers reaching for the light. This

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