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I am very grateful for all my wonderful clients who have come into my life.  

Each of you have brought me special blessings. You have helped me to grow in knowledge and to push past my limitations, to learn more, to understand more and accomplish more in my business. With each of your successes, I have marveled at the wonderful healing capacites which we as humans are blessed to possess.

Your journeys to health have been my journeys to discovery, your joys and victories have been mine as well.

I thank you for the opportunity to help you in your path of self discovery and healing.  


Sincerly, Valerie Greguire

 Client Testimonials

I met Valerie a few years back through a group we both belonged to on the computer. I am in Texas and she is in South Carolina. I began working with Valerie long distance and my life changed. I became aware of the many healing aspects I could actually access on my own , I realized that I was part of a dimension that I could not fathom before Valerie's guidance , my entire view of my life and those around me took a 180 degree turn. I know now that I have power and means to change my health and my life. We all have that ability; we just need some guidance to develop the amazing gifts we were given. I have never personally physically met Valerie, however I have been in her

presence many times and I consider her much more than just a friend, she is truly a gift to all of us who have the honor of working with her. So much good and so much positive has come forth in my life since I have learned to embrace the energy of this amazing universe. Thank you Valerie for all you have done for me in teaching me to empower myself and seeing what I could not see before. - CW

 I have known Valerie Greguire for over 25 years. Our relationship began when she helped my daughter overcome panic attacks and depression at age 17. Over the years she has given advice and direction that no one else could ever offer and has seen our

family through several serious health concerns. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March of 2015 and she taught me several new modalities and set up an herbal program for me. Nine months later, all of my tests show a marked decrease in the cancer. She has taught me how to operate out of faith instead of fear, which is HUGE for healing!! Valerie has a caring attitude for every one of her clients and works tirelessly to give us the highest quality of life she can, if only we will listen. She is definitely inspired. ~ N. Carole

I developed Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis in the late 1970’s when I was in my early 30’s. I have been battling it ever since. I have not accepted it & have been trying to get rid of this monkey on my back ever since. As a result of the powerful drugs I took over the years plus the disease itself I had to have four joints replaced & many other joints are locked. My spine has partially collapsed & I have lost about four inches in height. I took a lot of pain killers & just sat around most of the time, because I had very little energy.

I was on a deadly downward spiral and Valerie saved my life. Valerie guided me on diet and supplements to nourish my body.  Valerie also gave me hope. This put me on the path to recovery. I am now feeling much better and enjoying life. I recommend Valerie to anyone who would like to improve their health. ~ Carl 

 I had resigned myself to taking a toxic cocktail of prescription medications for arthritis until I had a consultation with Valerie. Using her expert knowledge of nutrition, vitamins and herbs, she created a plan which allowed me to eliminate the need for those medications within a couple of months. More importantly, her expert guidance restored me to health. I consider Valerie to be an integral part of my team of health care professionals. Her insight is superb in guiding me toward the proper supplements which support my physical and emotional vitality. I have also worked with Valerie’s services for emotional healing and her advice is right on target. It has unfailingly provided me with just the right impetus to make the necessary changes allowing me to move forward in my life in a healthy, stable way. I know I wouldn’t being living such a joyous, fulfilled life if it wasn’t for her straightforward recommendations.

Valerie Greguire is no flash- in-the-pan healer. Her mastery-level expertise is based on a lifetime of thorough study and practice. At the same time, she is very response to an individual’s needs whatever they may be. I have found no question I ask to beyond her range of knowledge. And her warm personality, gentle nature and infectious laughter make it easy for me to talk to her. I know I am in the most capable and loving hands with Valerie and I am proud to encourage anyone reading this testimony to book a consultation. She has been instrumental in transforming my life from a place where I was merely surviving into a more vital and robust life. And isn’t that what we all want for ourselves? It is, indeed, possible, with Valerie’s wise counsel. ~KR

"Valerie is a wise woman with a passion for helping others. She has a wealth of knowledge and an amazing intuition to help uncover the root cause of any physical and/or emotional issues in her clients. Her holistic approach to healing and nutrition has radically transformed my health, and that of my entire family! Knowledgeable, calm, insightful, caring, compassionate, and funny -- Valerie possesses all the qualities needed to be a successful healer and healthcare practitioner. I can’t think of anyone else I would rather have by my side on a journey toward a happier and healthier life.”


Elaine Bacio  

Certified Health Coach / Corporate Wellness Specialist, Health Coaching by Design

phone: 650-678-312







The day I met Valerie Greguire changed my life forever!  I had been experiencing chronic muscle and body aches for awhile, but just attributed it to my desk job and "getting older," until one day I couldn't even walk the mall. It took everything in me to make it back to my car. At that moment I knew something was wrong.  My first thought was Fibromyalgia.  I had been seeing a chiropractor for many years, as well as, eating all the right foods, avoiding preservatives and basically trying to live a healthy lifestyle, so when this happened I was concerned.  My chiropractor confirmed my suspicion of Fibromyalgia, but suggested I see a health counselor she knew before assuming the worst. Her name was Valerie Greguire.

She Helped me to change my diet to best support my body and blood type, that, coupled with vitamin supplements and Noni juice (which has become my best friend) was the turning point on my road to recovery.  I was amazed!! Within two weeks my pain was gone and I had lost nine pounds. This surprised me, as I had had a weight problem for years, but hard as I tried, I was never able to get to my desired weight. Plus, my "puffiness", as I called it, was gone!! Valerie explained to me that even though I was eating all the right foods, they weren't right for me, my body saw them as toxic and that was causing muscle pain. It all made sense to me!!  I have been seeing Valerie for over four years now and turn to her whenever my body feels "off!"  She is always able to pinpoint the problem and with good, healthy, supplements, I am back on track!!  As I write this I am retired now, just turned 67 years old, and did I mention, I have lost 30 lbs since my new, healthy lifestyle journey began!!  Valerie will always be my "go to" person and I thank her for not only her wisdom in healing the body, but also her very loving, kind personality!  Thank you, Valerie, for changing my life!!  Connie

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