The Messages in Nature

I stood upon the bridge overlooking the pond. The water lily and geese floated silently upon the water’s surface, creating an air of tranquility and peace. I wondered what message they carried, what wisdom they might share. I watched the two geese for a long time. One watched me intently, ever protective of her mate who dived into the water headfirst hunting for something to eat. He never once gave me a glance as he knew his mate was watching over him. If I got too close, she gently guided them away, when I spoke to her she listened and spoke silently with her eyes. Geese teach us about taking care of each other, for doing our part so the greater whole is cared for. They teach us to be vigil

Your Inner Guidance

I watched in awe as the world came to a standstill, the busy lives so many have lived, suddenly put on hold. And for the first time in a long time, the people had time to take a deep breath. The people had time to rest, to sleep in, and to renew their energy. They were being given a gift, but many could not see it for this change had brought them fear, confusion and anger. And as the people slept, I began to hear the sound of the rushing water flowing down the river. She was talking to them, I could hear her speaking “listen, listen carefully for your inner voice. There is guidance available to you during these times of confusion. You must quiet your busy mind and you will be able to hear it

Supporting Stress

Adrenal Support is a wonderful formula to help support and rebuild the adrenal glands. This formula helps to give you stability and strength during times of stress. The Adrenal glands are small glands located on top of the kidneys. They produce a wide variety of hormones including cortisol, which helps regulate the immune system and control inflammation. Cortisol also regulates how your body converts fats, proteins and carbs into energy – because of this, when your adrenal glands become sluggish chronic fatigue can set in. Also produced is the hormone adrenaline which helps your body respond to stress, and aldosterone regulates blood pressure by regulating salt and water levels in the body.

Hope and Encouragement March 2020

This morning I woke up and looking out the window I saw that fog covered everything. I thought that this fog reminded me of the fear that has settled across the people with the corona virus scare. And it is not so much a fear of the virus, but rather that life is changing, and we are not sure why or how. And I thought to myself, “surely there must be a flower blooming in this fog that can give hope to the people. A flower that will remind us that our loving Creator is here in the mist of us.” As I thought about going out for a walk to find this flower Spirit reminded me that there was a beautiful yellow flower on the Hedgerow down the street; and so I went out to find her to see if she would

Building Health in 2020

Whenever great changes are in the midst, there are equally great shifts of energy taking place. Our country is in an election year, emotions are rising, and the Corona-virus promoters are spreading fear everywhere. It’s easy in times like this to lose your center and lose sight of your hope. These shifts can be confusing and leave you feeling out of balance. I encourage you my friends, that this is not a time of great darkness, rather, it is a time of great awakening. A time when we are being called to wake up to our full potential and power as human beings. Just as the potter’s clay takes a beating before it is molded into a vessel of beauty, so do we as we learn to renew our health, our li

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