In Celebration of Knowing You

Our lives are interwoven in a beautiful and magical way, We are held together in a bond of energy and love, My heart connects to your heart, Your challenges are my challenges, I hear your voice calling to be heard, I will stand strong for you, I will embrace you when you hurt, I will encourage you to find your power again, I see your Spirit and it’s beautiful, I see you in all your perfection, You are already strong, I will help you to see this, Together we will change our lives, Together we will change our world, Together we will heal our pain. For our lives are interwoven in a beautiful and magical way, We are held together in a bond of energy and love, And nothing can separate us. Blessin

Ode to a Flower

It is not often that a simple wildflower brings tears to your eyes, but this one did, and I’d like to share her story… A week ago, I went for a walk on a particularly cold and dreary day. The air was damp, and the breeze was cool on my face. the breeze carried the scent of pine trees and wet leaves as I walked along. The sun was playing a “cat and mouse” game with the clouds in the sky, trying to emerge from behind them. I just wanted a glimpse of sunshine on such a gloomy day, so I prayed for spirit to guide me to a flower that was able to reach the sun, that I might listen to the story she wanted to tell me. At the end of my road, in an empty field I spotted a dew-covered flower, she too w

Ginkgo Beauty

I love walking down Main Street in Hendersonville, NC. The street has such a wonderful energy and lots of great shops and restaurants. On my latest stroll down Main St. I stopped and glanced up at one of the beautiful ginkgo trees. One of my friends told me that they had planted them on Main street several years ago. No wonder the street has such great energy. Ginkgo, a native plant of China, is a very ancient plant; it has been found in fossils dating back 200 million years ago. One of the reasons small towns like to line their streets with Ginkgo trees is that they are very resistant to pollution and toxins in the environment and help clean the air. Likewise, in the body, ginkgo helps prot

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