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Hummingbird Wisdom

I was in a meditative state as I returned from my morning walk, still in awe of the dazzling skies of the Sahara Dust storm. Walking up the driveway, I saw a small winged creature flopping on my driveway, I thought it was an injured moth. As I got closer, I saw that it was a young hummingbird. She appeared injured as one wing did not seem to work, stopping to rest, she lay motionless and I wondered if she was going to die.

Surely, my fate on this miraculous morning was not to meet a dying hummingbird. For the hummingbird is one of my animal messengers, and the one that I named my business “Restoring Light” after. For when I was contemplating the direction to take my life work, a hummingbird came into my life and hoovered in the window looking at me. I knew she brought a message. The next day she came to me again when I was on my porch. Up until this time I had not even seem hummingbirds in my years. As I began to seek understanding of her visits, I learned that hummingbirds are said to send healing light through their beaks into those who need it. And because of this encounter I bought my first Light therapy Device called a Bioptron light.

I wanted to help this little bird. Gently I picked her up, as I gazed into her eyes, I did not see death, I saw a fearless little bird who wanted to live. I began to speak to her in soothing words, and as I did, I sent love from my heart into my hands. I prayed to Spirit to strengthen her. I brought her into my house into my healing room and used the 528 tuning fork on her, - this fork holds the frequency of Divine love, transformation and miracles.

Back outside, I chose to place her down under the butterfly bush for butterflies are a symbol of transformation and moving from physical to spirit. If she were to die, I thought this would be a perfect place for her spirit to cross over. She laid motionless under the bush as I walked away.

My husband, whom I had showed the little bird came in and told me he moved her to the wood pile. He said she was dying, and he thought it was a safe and quiet place for her. He had tucked her into a little spot, and she was not moving. After a half hour I felt I needed to go check on her, for if she has died, I wanted to bury her with some butterfly bush blossoms. My husband and I approached the spot he left her, but she was gone. Having sufficiently rested form her injury she had recovered and flown away.

I got a book I ordered in the mail yesterday called Animal Speak by Ted Andrews, it explains all types of interesting facts about the magic of the animals and birds. The book said that hummingbirds can slow down their body into a hibernation like state, which looks like they have died, but it allows them to rest. They do this when they sleep at night. I think this little bird did the same thing to rest so she could recover from his injury.

What an amazing encounter and such a blessing, that I should help save a little bird who has brought so much healing energy and light into my life; and was so instrumental on directing my life path of sharing healing with others.

Hummingbirds’ Wisdom Includes:

Ability to heal by using light as a laser from mouth

Endurance over long journeys

Ability to fly into small places to heal

Joy, Happiness, and Love

Intuitive Insight

The Sahara Dust Storm that moved across through the East coast a week ago was magical and powerful. Read about it in my blog HERE

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