Reflections in the Forest

A walk in the forest does wonders to quiet the mind. For there are places in the forest where quiet waters flow, it is in these quiet places that one can connect to the heart and hear the reflections from your soul. It was here in a quiet place within the forest that I reflected on the troubled world we live in. I began to understand that the world and all we see unfolding before us is not a hapless event of chance, but rather, it is being orchestrated by our actions, our thoughts, and our emotions. For we are all co-creators of the world we live in. There are many people and organizations that do not have our best interests in mind. They are self-serving, driven by greed, and do not care ab

Ripples in the Waters of your Life

Each of us are on our own personal journey in life, yet we are all connected with others in a collective journey. Our words, emotions and thoughts ripple across the rivers of life touching those we meet. There are people in our lives that journey with us for years or lifetimes, and others who enter our lives for just a fleeting moment. Each time we release ripples, we share our energy as we interact. We share insights, knowledge and wisdom with others. We ask questions and seek guidance. We discuss and share our beliefs and at times these discussions turn into conflict, as our views and beliefs do not resonate with each other. At times like this if focus too much on the situation we can tur

Moving Past the Pain

A walk in the woods in the early spring revealed these beautiful pink flowers against a background of browns and green. They seemed almost dreamlike, for so much of the forest had not yet changed and was holding onto the slumber of winter. These flowers offered me a glimpse of the coming spring and new life that was slowly awakening. As we look around at the world, we are seeing many upsetting events right now, so many things are surfacing which need to change. With our lives being slowed down by this quarantine we are now pausing long enough to see the dysfunction, pain and neglect all around us. It is hard to focus on all of this and not become depressed, angry or confused. I struggle with

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