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The Gift from the Sahara Dust Storm

As I reflected on the great Sahara dust cloud which is moving across the ocean right now, I thought about how the people of old would share stories to explain the mysteries in the sky and nature that they saw. I imagined such a story and share it with you to enjoy.

“Once upon a time when man was connected to the earth and the spirit beings who took care of it, stories were shared and passed down to teach people about the mysteries in the world around them. One such story unfolded as a man sat beside his son, gazing at the vibrant colors of the sky at the sunset. Looking in wonder at the sky the boy asked, “what does this mean”? And the man answered “There was a time when the people of the earth had forgotten that they were the caretakers of this beautiful planet. They became self-centered and disconnected from their Creator and His creation. They polluted the very waters they drank from, and the land that they grew their food upon. The food and water became full of toxins and depleted in the minerals which were needed to ignite the life force energy within it. When the people awoke to this tragedy, they sent out prayers to their Creator to heal their land. The Creator heard them and responded. He reached down into the great Sahara Desert and scooped up a handful of sand, and he called to the wind and said, “take this sand, rich in minerals, and carry it to where it is needed, so it can nourish and help heal the land”. And so, the wind gathered the sand, it created a great plume of dust and carried it thousands of miles across the great ocean. As it traveled, it gently released the dust into the ocean and across the lands. As the healing dust rained from the heavens it blocked the rays of the sun turning the sky vibrant colors. This occurred so that the people would know that their prayers were answered. Those who could hear the whispers of Spirit knew that this was a message that the land and the people were being healed, and that a new earth was being created.”

It boggles my mind that 180 million tons of dust could be picked up and carried at 20,000 ft. above the earth, for 5000 miles across the ocean. I read that it is the biggest dust cloud in 50-60 years. I knew that this amazing dust storm must have a purpose. An article in the Atlantic journal called the Shahara dust cloud “a billowing ribbon of life-giving minerals”, I loved that description. Several times a year similar dust storms travel south to the Amazon forest as they help re-mineralize the soil there. The tree-living air plants of the Amazon forest, and the algae of the ocean also love the mineral rich dust.

This plume of dust is headed North instead and will reach the coast of United States this weekend. I had to wonder about the role it is playing in re-mineralizing our soil and healing our land. Detoxing clay like bentonite are full of minerals, particularly silicates, which this dust is high in. These mineral clays play a role in helping to absorb pollutants from the soil. How interesting that this plume of “healing” dust should come across the ocean at this time, when Covid and the shutdown of industry has allowed the air and land to be given a rest, so that it might cleanse itself of pollution. Pretty amazing.

This mineral dust is rich in organic silica which is a trace mineral which is well known for building healthy bones, hair, and nails. Silica plays a role in detoxification – it helps the body to remove toxins and heavy metals from the body – we sure need that after all the cleaning chemicals we have been exposed to. Silica is also excellent for supporting brain health and removing excess aluminum from the brain helping to prevent Alzheimer’s. I get excited to think that nature is dumping loads of silica and other beneficial minerals onto our gardens and farmland to raise the mineral content of the food we grow.

I’m heading out now to take a drive and see if I can catch a good view of the sunset tonight. I hope to take some photos to try and capture the magic in the skies.

I hope you can do the same.

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