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Messenger of Light

Silently we stood observing one another. Turning his head from side to side, the dragonfly seemed as interested in me, as I was of him. It is no simple task to take a picture of a dragonfly with your phone, you must move in close and hope he doesn’t dart away. But in this case, I knew he was allowing me to be in his magical presence.

Just prior to this encounter I had watched the dragonflies dance in the sunlight over a little creek bed. Their wings flashed iridescent blue colors which mingled with the golden sun rays and the vibrant green all around us. I told my husband we were in the presence of fairies, and I was honored to be welcome there. As we continued up the trail my husband went ahead of me, departing around a turn in the trail. The forest grew quiet at this point, as a single dragonfly flew over and danced around me, then settled on a leaf to talk.

Dragonflies are born in water and live most of their lives there. At a certain point they are drawn to the transformation stage of their life. Drawn by an inner guidance, the dragonfly emerges from the water (a symbol of birthing a new creation) and like the caterpillar sheds his outer skin. The newly transformed dragonfly moves into a rest stage to allow his exoskeleton to harden and become strong (a symbol of taking time to ground yourself and becoming present). During this time, he begins to swallow air, which he pumps into his body and into his developing wings – this causes them to grow and expand. The pumping of air through his body teaches us to move the life force energy (Chi) through our bodies to create vitality and promote self-healing. This is process is so amazing, watch the video I will post below.

The Dragonfly is a messenger of change and transformation. He teaches us to drawn from within and allow our true talents and abilities to emerge. His iridescent body and wings remind us to allow our inner light to shine. He teaches us to connect with the life force energy or our Creator, to breathe deeply and embrace life. The Dragonfly reminds us that we are much greater than we first perceived, and we are borne to ‘fly’. Dragonfly inspires a connection to the Divine and helps us on our path to discovery and enlightenment.

“I can still only see a dragonfly, its wings as thin and light as silk and its body the color of rainbow. But on the wings of this dragonfly I take off and fly, for my soul carries no weight. It is our bodies – these borrowed vehicles of flesh and bone – that weigh us down. Our spirits are eternally free and invincible.” – Daniela I. Norris

Hostas in the Forest

Walking through the forest, I came across a cluster of Hosta plants. Their beautiful violet flowers danced in the breeze with the sunlight. The Hosta flower has a gentle uplifting energy. It helps you to quiet your mind and expand your consciousness. It helps you to have peace while walking through a period of instability or walking into the unknown. The open bell like flowers reveals that the Hosta helps you pull in new frequencies and bring them into your awareness. It helps you to anchor these frequencies into your body.

I was reading this morning about how in the process of transformation we are often confronted with the illusion of chaos. Chaos can be so confusing, and even discouraging and yet there is a divine order and flow to it if you can only look below the surface. Like baking a cake, you put sugar, salt and flour, and several other ingredients into a bowl. Then you break some eggs and throw them in as well. You stir the whole mess vigorously. At this point if someone were to walk up to you and look in your bowl, they would say you were making a mess. And then you would proceed to pour that goopy mess into a pan and confidently place it in the oven. Hours later, that same person walks by you as you are frosting and decorating your cake. They are astonished, ‘wow, where did you get that?’ -because they are unable to connect the lines between the chaos that they saw earlier and the beautiful finished cake that is before them.

Light workers, you are the bakers of the cake in this world right now. You must not be disturbed by the chaos that you see all around you. Understand that the ‘breaking of the eggs’ is necessary to create a transformation of consciousness on this planet. In these next few months, ‘the heat is going to be turned up and we are going to go in the oven’. As this happens, move into your heart center, and find your peace, for something beautiful and powerful is being created. We are being given all the power, guidance, and insight we need to bring peace and balance back to this world.

Light workers, I urge you to hold your place, to keep your light shining. Do not to engage in or fall into the doubts of those who do not understand the chaos. For soon, we will emerge out of the fire and our new creation will come forth, it will be beautiful and powerful beyond imagination.

Blessings, Valerie

Copyright 2020, Restoring Light, all rights reversed

Photos by Valerie Greguire, copyright 2020, all rights reserved

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