New Year Greeting

The new year is dawning, against the darkened horizon of the passing year she shines her golden light. She offers promise, she offers hope. She beckons us to embrace our powers, to embrace our vision, to embrace our hearts. She urges us like a mother urging a child, To open our wings that we might fly, and embrace the potential we were given. The new year is dawning, I can see her rising. Her warm golden rays of light run across the horizon to greet me. Stirring within me the desire to connect with her, She offers promise, she offers hope. Her warm rays urge me to release the things that do not serve me, To let go of any thought patterns, habits, or situations which do not resonate with my h

The Power of our Focus

As the sun sets the confederate rose contemplates the coming day, what will she create tomorrow? Her blooms begin as one color, and as the day progresses, they change color and intensity reminding us that we are the creators of the vibrations we hold. Where do you place your focus, do you see the beauty or the pain? Even during challenges and heartaches we can choose to focus our attention on something that gives us pleasure. Something that makes us smile. When you focus on positive thoughts and hold positive emotions, your body creates “feel good “chemicals such as dopamine which increases memory and concentration and makes you feel happier. Your body also releases acetylcholine, another br

Conquering food Cravings

There’s no better time than the holidays to notice that our food cravings are getting out of control. The stress holiday stress and the tendency to eat less healthy, causes mineral imbalances which create food cravings. Thankfully, we can temper the cravings and bring our body back into balance with the help of herbs and supplements. Cravings for salty foods is very common during the Holidays. Your body needs more sodium. Such an imbalance was the probable cause when someone decided to dip their big salted pretzel into melted chocolate, creating the highly sought-after Christmas treat of chocolate covered pretzels. As their cravings escalated, they followed that by dipping their potato chip

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