Connecting to your Heart Center

There is a concept in Chinese Medicine called Shen. Your Shen resides in your heart, it can be described as the part of you which connects with your heart and spirit, or higher self. When Shen is depleted, we feel depressed and lack inspiration. It becomes hard to accomplish even simple tasks, because we don’t seem to care about anything. When your Shen is depleted you feel disconnected from life, there may be an emptiness in your eyes, and a lack of peace in your life. You may suffer from sleep disturbances, patterns of stress, anxiety, or agitation. Imbalances of Shen can result in mental cloudiness, loss of memory and a lack of ability to maintain focus. We connect with our Shen though o

Embracing Change

With the fall weather moving in, I didn’t think I’d come across a caterpillar out for a stroll. It always amazes me that these vulnerable little creatures, can transform into beautiful butterflies. This caterpillar, with his ugly spikes and scary look, doesn’t seem to know that he will soon be able to fly. And yet, he will soon create a cocoon, close off the world and dissolve his old identity to create a new one. What happens inside the cocoon that causes the caterpillar to shed his scary protective spikes and emerge with beautiful, soft, powder-like wings which display confidence and power? Imagine that the caterpillar represents you in your present state, with all your health issues, pain

Illuminations in the Fog

Walking along on a fog covered morning, it felt like I would disappear into the thick clouds before me. It was very quiet as none of the birds were singing there morning songs. It felt eerie at first, but I felt like there was something beautiful and mysterious hidden in the fog. In silent anticipation I continued to walk along. As the first rays of the sun began to cut across the field, a soft glow flickered in response. The fog had covered everything with dew drops and they were capturing the sun light like little globes of light. There were hundreds of little spider webs lit up across the field, and the dew-covered grass flickered like sparklers. The swirling fog crept between the bushes

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