Targeted help for Allergies

The spring flowers are blooming, and the pollen is out in full force. Everyday my car is coated in thick yellow dust – it is amazing how much there is. I would normally be stuffy and sneezing, but I am able to go outside and take a deep breath and enjoy it. I had allergies way back when I was 10 years old, for years I lived on Sudafed all summer long. When I was 25, I started working with herbs and lifestyle changes and was able to overcome my allergies, they barely bother me now. For those of you who are suffering with allergies, I want to share 3 natural formulas I have used. These are my “super heroes” formulas for combating seasonal allergies. Our first supplement COQ10 is a hidden gem.

Activating your Inner Healer

The sunlight filters through the trees, glistening across the horizon. Her warm glow beckons me to silence. I stop and connect with spirit, all else fades away. In that moment I am one with my creator, in that moment I am whole. How do we heal our bodies? How do we activate our healer within? An important step in activating the healer within you, is to recognize that your body is not just a physical/mechanical structure. You cannot separate your physical body from your emotions, mind and spirit. When we see ourselves in this wholeness, we take a new approach to healing. We recognize that there is an innate wisdom that has been instilled within us, that we can use and be guided by to obtain

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