Connecting with your Light

I see visions floating before my eyes, Fragments, which do not seem to fit together. Each one seems to call to me, to tug at the strings of my heart. Each vision seems so different, how can they fit together? What are these callings of my soul? Where are they leading me? They seem so magical, so empowering, like the beauty of an unfolded rose. So much so, I cannot turn away from them. Perhaps they represent that which I seek to create? Symbolism on the map to my soul’s yearnings, to a treasure of infinite beauty and power? My heart hungers for the calling of my soul to be fulfilled. As I sit quietly, I wait for each symbol to reveal itself. A bird lands on a tree limb next to me and speaks,

It is time to Remember who we are

I watched a butterfly today flutter about as he searched for nectar of the flowers which sustained him. He was unafraid of my presence. Nectar is derived from the Greek language and carries the meaning of an inspiring beverage from the gods, which represents the ability to overcome death. The butterfly, who was once caterpillar and lived on leaves, overcame death as he dissolved his body in the cocoon, to be resurrected and reborn into a butterfly. And now his sole source of nourishment is nectar. To me, this sends a message that for us to be totally free and able to ‘fly’, we need to seek the guidance and nourishment of Spirit in our lives. The power to shift the energy within our lives res

Our Stories Reveal Our Journeys

Every journey in our life starts with a dream or a vision. Sometimes we need to reflect on the roads we have traveled and the journeys we have experienced, to remember who we are and how we got to where we are today. My Grandpa Rechlin had a vision to build a home, a place to raise his family, a place that would be a refuge and shelter from the storm. He envisioned the home he would build with fruit trees and a garden he would plant out back. He purchased some land on Main Street in West Seneca, NY., and ordered his house from the Sears Roebuck catalog, and then he built it. To me, this was the perfect little house, it was so peaceful, it felt safe and at the same time it always sparked my i

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