Enhancing Digestive Energy

Your digestive health is very much connected to your mind and your emotions. Most of us have felt “butterflies” in our stomach when we were nervous, or loss our appetite when we got angry or upset. These are isolated incidences which the body can recover from easily. Some people, however, spend a lot of time worrying or dwelling on their “problems”, or have a career (like an accountant), that requires that they spend a lot of time in deep thought. In these situations, digestive energy can become depleted. This is especially likely when combined with poor eating habits, like a student studying into the late hours of the night while drinking coffee to keep going; or, forgetting to eat or drink

The Fibonacci spiral in Nature

Ask not where you are going or dwell on where you been, Ask “what am I seeing now?” For in every moment there's something to learn, something to feel, something to experience. In every moment exists a door which you might enter and explore. Your journey may last a moment, years or a lifetime, For it is always unfolding, Like the Fibonacci sequence in the petals of the flower, or the swirling pattern in the seashell, it begins from source and reaches out, only to once again return and reconnect. For the infinite Universe which lies within is ever expanding, Drawing us with unconditional love to partake is this creative energy. To experience the magnificence of being in the present moment, To

Balancing your Summer Energy

Welcome to summertime, what a beautiful time of year. Summer brings the energy of expansion, a time when all our hard work, our dreams and ours desires blossom in fullness. Summer is a time of year to allow your creativity to grow and expand; it’s a time of year we associate with travel to faraway places and new adventures. Physical energy and vitality are needed to embrace the summer in all its fullness. Without it, we find ourselves curled up in bed, sleeping away our Saturday mornings. If you are feeling a lack of energy to “get up and go”, consider adding one of these wonderful herbal formulas to help re-balance your body. Energ-V and Trigger Immune areherbal tonic formulas. Herbal tonic

Harmony of Creation

Man and nature, creating together in perfect harmony. I had the pleasure of visiting a stone house this week which had beautiful gardens. Everything was a blend of God and man creating together. Wrought iron railings with leaf and vine designs were decorated with spiraling vines and beautiful flowers. The Stone on the steps, and the walls of the house were so beautiful. Some day I would like to own a stone house and create a beautiful garden like this one. Photos by Valerie Greguire, Copyright Restoring Light 2019, all rights reserved.

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