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Mimosa the flower of Joy

The beginning of the summer brings the unfolding of the beautiful Mimosa flowers. Their wispy blossoms dance is the summer breeze against beautiful blue skies. Her beautiful ‘air like’ flowers reflect the joy and happiness one experiences when connected to the Creator and to their higher self.

The Chinese name for the Mimosa flower, he huan hua, translates as ‘collective happiness flower’. Wow, how appropriate. Her delicate pink flowers soothe the body and mind. In Chinese medicine, the bark and flower of this plant is used to calm the nervous system and help a person to connect to their heart center. Notice also how her flowers reach upwards like little fingers reaching for the light. This gives clues to this flower’s ability to lift depression and regulate the flow of life force energy through the body. While the bark of this plant works more on a physical level, the flowers work on an emotional level.

Mimosa blooms in the beginning of summer, she reaches upward and outward expanding her energy. She brings joy to those who take time to meditate on her message and her beauty.

Making Mimosa and Honeysuckle Tea –

I felt I wanted to fully embrace the energy of the Mimosa by making a tea infused with its flowers. I decided to add a few blossoms of Honeysuckle as well. Honeysuckle helps you to become more mindful and present in your life. It also helps a person when they yearn for ‘the good old days” and need help moving forward. I thought it would be a good flower essence to help support these trying times.

Both these flowers are so delicate and have beautiful perfume like scents. Sipping on the herb infused tea made me feel good, and quickly relaxed my whole body and mind. I drink chamomile and peppermint tea often but adding the flower essences took the tea to a whole new level of powerful. I had a new appreciation for these marvelous plants.

I brought my water to a gentle boil, added the flower tops, and then let it simmer for 5 minutes. I added a little honey and my teabags , then steeped for 5 more minutes. Enjoy.

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