I see visions floating before my eyes,

Fragments, which do not seem to fit together.

Each one seems to call to me, 

to tug at the strings of my heart.

Each vision seems so different, how can they fit together?

What are these callings of my soul?

Where are they leading me?


I watched a butterfly today flutter about as he searched for nectar of the flowers which sustained him. He was unafraid of my presence.

Nectar is derived from the Greek language and carries the meaning of an inspiring beverage from the gods, which represents the ability...

Every journey in our life starts with a dream or a vision. Sometimes we need to reflect on the roads we have traveled and the journeys we have experienced, to remember who we are and how we got to where we are today.

My Grandpa Rechlin had a vision to build a home,...

Walking through the forest, I came across a cluster of Hosta plants. Their beautiful violet flowers danced in the breeze with the sunlight. The Hosta flower has a gentle uplifting energy. It helps you to quiet your mind and expand your consciousness. It helps you to ha...

Like leaving a note for a friend, the Blue Jay left his feather for me. As I pondered his beautiful feather, I felt connected to the powerful message he wanted to impart. Blue Jays are members of the Crow family, they are bold birds who proudly wear their royal colors...

Silently we stood observing one another. Turning his head from side to side, the dragonfly seemed as interested in me, as I was of him. It is no simple task to take a picture of a dragonfly with your phone, you must move in close and hope he doesn’t dart away. But in t...

I was in a meditative state as I returned from my morning walk, still in awe of the dazzling skies of the Sahara Dust storm. Walking up the driveway, I saw a small winged creature flopping on my driveway, I thought it was an injured moth. As I got closer, I saw that it...

July 8, 2020

As I reflected on the great Sahara dust cloud which is moving across the ocean right now, I thought about how the people of old would share stories to explain the mysteries in the sky and nature that they saw. I imagined such a story and share it with you to enjoy.


The steel giant stood before me projecting an image of power, yet I had no fear.

For the light of Spirit revealed itself, slowly at first,

then increasing in intensity until the steel giant looked like but a shadow.

The symbolism in that moment was powerful,

It flooded my...

Are you building healthy vibrant cells or cells which are prone to dysfunction or disease? When you feel ill or your body hurts, do you listen to your body and recognize its language? Each day your body creates billions of new cells, the health of those cells depends o...

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