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Connecting with your Light

I see visions floating before my eyes,

Fragments, which do not seem to fit together.

Each one seems to call to me,

to tug at the strings of my heart.

Each vision seems so different, how can they fit together?

What are these callings of my soul?

Where are they leading me?

They seem so magical, so empowering,

like the beauty of an unfolded flower.

So much so, I cannot turn away from them.

Perhaps they represent that which I seek to create?

Symbolism on the map to my soul’s yearnings,

to a treasure of infinite beauty and power?

My heart hungers for the calling of my soul to be fulfilled.

As I sit quietly, I wait for each symbol to reveal itself.

A bird lands on a tree limb next to me and speaks,

“Follow me, I am the song of your soul,

you do not need to understand all that unfolds before you,

but listen rather, to the song I sing.

Stay on the path where you can hear me, and I will guide you.

If you get distracted and lose your way you will feel resistance.

Like a note out of tune,

resistance asks you to stop and contemplate the energy you are holding.

Resistance asks you to stop and consider the path you have chosen.

To re-align to the song of your soul.”

I took a deep breath and exhaled, and a peace washed over me,

I was not alone on this journey through life,

I was not, nor ever could be lost.

For my spirit within me is ever guiding me,

with the song of my soul.

With my feet firmly planted,

I listen closely for a single note to call to me,

And then I take a step,

Knowing I am following the calling of my Soul.


Photo and article, by Valerie Greguire copyright Restoring Light, 2020, all rights reserved

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