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Creating a Healthy Lifestyle

Are you building healthy vibrant cells or cells which are prone to dysfunction or disease? When you feel ill or your body hurts, do you listen to your body and recognize its language? Each day your body creates billions of new cells, the health of those cells depends on many factors, such as the foods you eat, nutrients you supplement with, how much exercise you get, and if you get enough rest each day. In this video, I share some of the steps I take throughout my day to stay CONSCIOUSLY FOCUSED on building and restoring my health. I hope these ideas inspire you to build your health as well.

Building health and vitality takes a commitment to making healthy choices. This is my new morning ‘pick me up’ drink – Citrus and Raspberry herbal tea, a touch of raw cane sugar, fresh orange juice and Ionic minerals. Oh my gosh, this is delicious! I felt like my beverage was infused with morning sunshine.

Nature’s Sunshine’s Ionic minerals provides 70 natural organic plant derived trace minerals – which are easily absorbed in the body. I feel this is important because the soil quality is so depleted that even with good quality organic veggies or fruits, our food is still missing some key trace minerals. Even if you take a good quality vitamin with minerals, they typically only contain around 10 added minerals.

Minerals are like spark plugs in the body; they are involved in turning on hundreds of enzyme reactions in the body. Every cell, organ and tissue needs minerals. They are essential for antioxidant-enzyme function, for releasing toxins from the body, for hormones to work, and for maintaining fluid balance in the body. Minerals assist in blood clotting, muscle contraction, nerve transmission and oxygen transport, the list could go on and on.

The Ionic minerals formula is in a base of Acai berry a tropical fruit grown in the Amazon. Acai berry is a very nutrient dense fruit, it contains ten times the antioxidants of grapes and twice that of blueberries. I have begun to look forward to taking the minerals daily, as my body recognizes the benefits that they hold. I believe that adding these minerals to your current nutritional program will enhance the program and further activate the healing process in your body.

Toasting to a day filled with healthy choices! Valerie Greguire

I make 2 quarts of ice tea using 4 teabags of each, let it steep 5 minutes. Then when I am ready to make the "special drink" I fill my glass with 2/3 ice tea and 1/3 fresh O.J. and add 1 tablespoon of ionic minerals. When I make the 2 quarts of ice tea I add a little raw can sugar to sweeten it just a little. I just came up with the idea to add the OJ, so depending on your level of sweetness you like, you may not need to add the cane sugar (or you could use Nature's Sweet Life Xylitol, stevia, etc.) Try adding fresh juiced pineapple instead of OJ for a tasty variety.

My husband Fred works outside a lot. He has learned to create his own power drink to help sustain him in the hot weather. He mixes Ionic minerals, liquid chlorophyll and lime with his ice water.

Liquid Chlorophyll – this green pigment of plants is used by the plant to create energy, oxygen and nutrients. It is part of the process that captures energy from the sun. Chlorophyll is often referred to as “a sunshine particle”, in my studies in sound healing therapy I learned that chlorophyll resonates with the 528 hz. frequency of divine love, transformation, healing of our DNA and miracles. It carries a very positive health building frequency. I’ve been drinking chlorophyll in my water during the day and blessing the water with a prayer of gratitude – thankful for God's healing energy which he places in his plants. By doing this I remind myself to keep my focus on health and healing.

Chlorophyll helps to build the blood, balance pH, and detoxify the body. It is high in antioxidants which helps build the immune system. Chlorophyll helps maintain healthy microbes in the digestive tract, which is another key to creating a healthy immune system. And it tastes great, its very refreshing and I love to drink it during the summer months.


How can we activate our body's inner healing resources?

An important step in activating the healer within you, is to recognize that your body is not just a physical/mechanical structure. You cannot separate your physical body from your emotions, mind and spirit. When we see ourselves in this wholeness, we take a new approach to healing. We recognize that there is an innate wisdom that has been instilled within us, that we can use and be guided by to obtain healing and wellness. The interconnection of the body with the mind, spirit, and emotions makes us aware that our consciousness affects our health. Where we place our attention, the intentions we hold in our heart, and the emotions that we feel, all play a role in our ability to heal and repair the body.

Our bodies have abundant healing resources which can be activated to heal and repair our health. We must learn how to activate this healing potential and maintain it.

The medicine within you is activated when you gaze at a beautiful flower with gratitude. It is activated when you send loving thoughts to another person. The medicine within you is activated when you choose to eat clean, natural foods, and when you take time to stretch and move your body. The medicine within you is activated when you are conscious of your thoughts; when you choose to focus on thoughts which are uplifting to the mind and to the spirit. You activate the medicine within when you take herbs to help your body nourish itself and repair, and when you make sure to get enough rest.

There is so much that you can do to activate and awaken your inner healer, and it is all in your power to do so...

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