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You are Pure Potential

Our Body has an amazing ability to heal itself, but we as humans have forgotten how to utilize our innate healing abilities. We also hold within us the ability to change our lives, create and manifest our dreams and create the best version of ourselves. Many of you have forgotten this truth and have become disconnected from your heart’s guidance. Because of this, many of you feel powerless to change your life or your health.  I wanted to share with you some aspects of how wonderful and marvelously made we are. I pray this encourages you to push past your limited beliefs on what is possible for your own healing, and for living an abundant life.

Cell Memory - Our cellular memory knows the pattern for illness, as well as the pattern for wellness. The cells can be informed to change and restructure their cellular memory. Creating a new blueprint for your body. To reprogram your cellular memory to foster a healthier self involves various holistic practices that address the mind, body, and spirit connection. For instance, engaging in regular physical exercise not only strengthens the body but also generates positive energy flow throughout the system, aiding in the rejuvenation of cells. Exercise also helps to pump the lymphatic system of waste products (which can build up around an injured part of the part slowing the healing process). Additionally, choosing a diet full of nutrient-rich foods provides the essential building blocks for cellular repair and regeneration.  Energy healing modalities such as Sound Healing, Reiki or Qigong can help to balance the body's energy centers, facilitating the release of stagnant energy and promoting vitality. By adopting these practices and nurturing a holistic approach to well-being, individuals can embark on a transformative journey towards creating a healthier and more vibrant version of themselves.

Building on the insights shared, incorporating meditation and mindfulness practices into your daily routine can be transformative in releasing negative thought patterns and fostering a deeper sense of inner peace. These practices allow you to observe your thoughts without judgment, creating space for self-reflection and insight into the root causes of physical ailments or injuries. By exploring the circumstances surrounding past injuries or health issues, you can uncover buried emotions or beliefs that may be contributing to their persistence. Through honest assessment and emotional release, you have the power to reprogram your cellular blueprint and facilitate healing on a profound level. By addressing the underlying emotional and mental aspects of your health, you can pave the way for greater well-being and vitality in your body and mind.


Try approaching your exercise in a new way by incorporating the concept of using visualization for cellular rejuvenation and healing. Adding this practice into your exercise routine can amplify its effectiveness. By adopting a new approach to exercise, you can harness the power of your mind to enhance physical performance and promote cellular rejuvenation. Take inspiration from world-class athletes who utilize visualization techniques to optimize their training and performance. For example, when lifting weights, visualize your body effortlessly lifting heavier weights with ease. Imagine the muscles contracting and engaging with precision, supporting the increased load without strain or fatigue. If you are walking up a hill, imagine you can walk up it with vitality and easy effort. I did this once when walking a steep hill with my son Harlow, I knew I had always had trouble with this hill and I wanted to be a good example for him, so as I walked, I envisioned that it was easy and effortless. I was able to walk to the top of the hill without stopping to catch my breath or complaining how hard it was, rather, we enjoyed the experience together.

As you immerse yourself in this mental imagery, your mind sends powerful signals to your muscles, activating their full potential and facilitating cellular adaptation and growth. Through consistent practice of visualization during exercise, you can cultivate a deeper mind-body connection, tap into your body's innate healing abilities, and accelerate the process of cellular rejuvenation.


Healing the body and restoring health and vitality requires participation on your part; it requires shifts in perspective and seeing healing in new ways. When you shift your intention to create good health your body begins to change on many levels, your brain sends messages out to all the cells in the body and creates new pathways which reflect your new way of living. Your cells then begin to look for and desire foods which line up vibrationally with your new choices. Suddenly a bag of potato chips turns your stomach, and fresh blueberries are irresistible. As you make healthy food choices you find that suddenly you have the motivation to move, to stretch, and to exercise because your cells need this movement to flush out toxins and clean the lymphatic system to make room for the life-giving new foods you are eating.

Healthy food and lifestyle choices affect your emotions as well. You may find that when you get in a confrontation with a friend or spouse and become angry, you do not want to argue like you did in the past. Instead, you want to release the anger and find a peaceful resolution instead.  This is because your cells are holding a higher intention of healing, so they do not want the emotion of anger held in the body, because anger as energy constricts the function of the liver. With the new goal to heal and repair the body, a healthy functioning liver is a must.

Plants heal the body – Dr. Dean Ornish, M.D. of the preventative Research Institute showed through 30 years of research that a plant-based diet will activate more than 500 disease preventing genes and turn off more than 200 disease causing genes. Modern research is now showing that if you alter your environment (diet, lifestyle, air, and water quality) you can alter your gene expression – disease is not inherited like we once thought. Dr. Jeffery Bland’s new book The Disease Delusion covers all the new research and information on this new approach to overcoming chronic diseases. Plants contain Micro-RNA’s which are single strands of plant genetic material which circulates through your blood stream switching genes on and off. That’s just amazing to me. Green plants in particular play a big role in helping to regulate cholesterol, direct the destruction of invading bacteria and viruses as well as turning off cancer causing genes.

Add Herbal supplements and teas to support the areas of your body which need to heal. As well as supplements which help support your daily stress or improve your quality of sleep. Herbs are natural supplements which nourish the body and provide valuable nutrients to heal and repair itself.

The Brain is not fixed, it can change according to experiences. Creating new sensory pathways can bring about these changes. We create these new pathways when we consciously focus on the behavior we want to create, instead of focusing on what we do not want in our lives or behavior. Visualize the new you - that you want to create. As you create these thoughts you give instructions to your body and create new neural pathways to build a healthy new you.

Neural pathways – invisible energy pathways in the brain form every time we learn something and apply it. Repeating something ingrains a new pathway into your subconscious. Like repeating the action of learning to tie your shoes until it becomes natural, and you can do it without thinking about it. So, to learn new healthy behavior patterns we must consciously repeat them daily, and soon they will become the norm in our daily routine.

Nerves can remember their job and bring back the function of that part of the body. Lovingly stroking an injured leg along the nerve pathways can cause it to remember and bring back function again.

Our emotional energy affects our physical anatomy. Fear and worry contract the cells and turn off health building DNA. Chronic stress causes cortisol to be released which can bind to receptors in your brain in the region of the hippocampus (the part of the brain responsible for memory and learning). In the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, June 2013, they reported that studies showed that reducing cortisol by lowering stress, increased memory recall and retrieval.

Dopamine, the brain’s pleasure neurotransmitter is increased when we choose positive thoughts and emotions. Dopamine increases memory and concentration and increases acetylcholine production in the brain, which increases the ability of the mind to expand and learn. An increase in acetylcholine also turns on genes which trigger health and healing. So, your health building potential increases when you embrace positive thoughts and emotions.

Prayer and meditation lower the stress response and has been shown to affect genes which reduce inflammation in the body and increases how they deal with free radicals.

Muscle memory – Just like we remember to ride a bike or play an instrument from muscle memory, our muscles also remember trauma which can then evoke fear or “lameness” along with pain. Finding and releasing old, buried traumas helps to release cell memory from the muscles to allow for healing.

Energy healing works by making subtle changes to the above energy pathways. Energy is always present. It does not begin or end. You can learn to transform it, move it, and become conscious of its flow through your body and through all of creation.

We are first and foremost vibrational beings – the physical body is a manifestation of these vibrations. We cannot separate the state of our health from the vibrations (feelings and emotions) that we carry in our body. Do not use fear or worry to compel you to action, but rather, focus on that which you wish to become. Use positive emotions and feelings (visualization) to move yourself forward.

Cultivate mindful attention by paying attention to your thoughts. Notice what is going on internally as well as externally. When a person approaches you to talk, do you feel a tightness in your gut, or a warmth in your heart? Does a situation at work cause you to tense your shoulders, or stand up tall? Do you immediately cross your arms when you feel intimidated in a conversation? What do you physically do when you get angry? When you lay in bed to go asleep do you consciously relax your body? We all have developed unconscious responses to events and people in our environment, which can affect the health of the body. Most of them you are probably not aware of until you look for them or someone points them out. You can expand your ability to observe and expand your inner awareness by regularly taking time to pray, meditate, journal, or sit quietly in nature: to consciously shift your awareness inward and quiet your busy mind.

Awakening to Wholeness                                                                        


An untapped energy awaits you – it is the power of transformation and healing. This is a change that comes from within, a powerful shift in consciousness that allows you to see new potential and opportunities in your life. What if collectively, we awakened to the intrinsic beauty and perfection within us, releasing judgements and limited beliefs which shaped so much of our lives?  What if we shifted our gaze to the heavens and opened our hearts to receive the transformative love of our Creator? Can you envision this love permeating our cells, heart, and minds, gradually unraveling the old patterns of perfection we've clung to for so long. What if each of understood that we were born to live an abundant life, that we were meant to walk in freedom, and that our bodies are capable of healing and designed for radiant beauty and vibrant health. How would this shift our perspective of what is possible in our lives?


We all harbor aspects of ourselves or our lives we would like to change, and sometimes we feel so stuck in “the ways things are”. Yet, when you perceive that everything is formed from energy, which is always in motion and evolving, you can grasp the possibility of something new taking shape.


This is the power and beauty of transformation and healing – a change that emerges from within. It’s a powerful shift in consciousness which allows the beauty and pure potential within you to rise to the surface, altering not only your life, but the lives of those around you. It all begins with the desire to uncover your inner light and connect with your inner healer. I encourage you to seek this inner transformation, one step, one shift at a time. 

 For you are anything but ordinary, within you lies a beautiful light, a rainbow of color, just waiting to be found and shared with the world. Blessings, Valerie


 Copyright 2024 Restoring Light, all rights reserved

Photos and art by Valerie Greguire, all rights reserved



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