Help for Sore achy feet

During the summer months I receive a lot of e-mails from people about sore painful feet, plantar fasciitis and bone spurs. During the warm weather people tend to wear sandals or go barefoot, compared to wearing sneakers or work shoes which offer little support to the arch of the feet. The feet become injured and inflamed more easily. The sandals are not the root cause of the injury, just a trigger. The root cause has to do with not stretching the calf muscles and feet regularly, poor fitting shoes, overuse of tendons, and loss of collagen due to aging and poor diet. My 3 favorite supplements to help support healing and repair of tendons are Nature’s Sunshine’s IF-Relief, MSM and Collagen pow

Seeds of Creation

Sometimes we feel stuck, our creations seem to lose their luster. That which was once wonderful, now seems wilted and faded. I want to encourage you that your creation is not dying, it is turning inward, to create seeds. Something new and beautiful wants to unfold. Life is meant to change, it flows in cycles of creation. When we want to see change in our life, when we want to create something new, this is the time to turn inward, to move into your heart and spirit. Take time to reflect on what changes you’d like to create. Take time to consider what beliefs, relationships or “things” you wish to let go of, that no longer serve you. Embrace the endless possibilities before you. You hold in yo

Love them through their pain

It was a cold January morning as I walked along the pasture. The fence posts sts which stood cold and hard against the sky. They seemed oblivious to the sun which cast her warming rays upon us. “Why do you resist the sun?” I asked, but they did not speak. Then the sun whispered in my ear “they hold the energy of those who have built walls around their hearts. Those who have hardened their exterior and they feel unlovable.” I contemplated these words. The moss lichen clung to the posts like the hurts and memories people hold onto. Their stories so complex and detailed that they wrap around them like the old dried vines upon the fence posts. “How do I help them?” And the sun spoke ever so gent

Re-Kindle your Flame

Welcome to summer time, what a beautiful time of year. Summer brings in the energy of expansion, a time when all our hard work, our dreams and ours desires begin to blossom. This is a time of year to allow your creativity to grow and expand; it’s a time of year we associate with travel to faraway places and new adventures. But what if you are not feeling the energy and enthusiasm of the summer season? Instead of enjoying the summer, you feel like curling up in bed instead. To understand why an imbalance like this might occur, we need to understand some aspects of the Fire Element to find the answers. The season of summer is dominated by the Fire element in Chinese medicine, which governs you

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