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Moving Past the Pain

A walk in the woods in the early spring revealed these beautiful pink flowers against a background of browns and green. They seemed almost dreamlike, for so much of the forest had not yet changed and was holding onto the slumber of winter. These flowers offered me a glimpse of the coming spring and new life that was slowly awakening.

As we look around at the world, we are seeing many upsetting events right now, so many things are surfacing which need to change. With our lives being slowed down by this quarantine we are now pausing long enough to see the dysfunction, pain and neglect all around us. It is hard to focus on all of this and not become depressed, angry or confused. I struggle with this myself. Luckily, I have a circle of family and friends who help me to move back into my heart and re-balance myself when I am feeling down. They remind me, and I them, to focus our thoughts on that which we want to create, not that which we want to dissolve. Yes, you can look at what is wrong or imbalanced in the world, but don’t focus your attention there. For your energy follows your attention. This is very much a concept in quantum physics, and in simple terms it goes back to that saying, “a watched pot never boils”. The concept says that if you place your attention on a problem or situation you will literally hold that problem or situation in your reality, so it does not change. But when you move your attention to the solution by asking questions like: How do we solve this? How do we create change? What are the very first steps we can take to create a new reality? Along with asking these questions, begin to visualize what this new reality looks like even though you don’t see it in your physical reality yet. This reminds me of when a child has a birthday coming up and they desire something like a new bicycle, long before the birthday arrives, they begin to visualize that shiny new bicycle. They visualize riding through the wind, racing with their friends, and exploring their neighborhood in a whole new way. The anticipation and excitement on their birthday can be seen all over their face and body. And as that new bike is revealed with a big bow on it, they are filled with joy as they realize that their dream came true.

And so, we too as individuals, and as a group consciousness, must begin to envision the world we want to see and create. We must envision the details of a world where we create an environment where everyone can thrive, be acknowledged, respected and loved. I know this might be hard for you to do if you look at the current situations around us, and you think how could this ever be? But in any process of creation one has to first envision that which one wants to create. It must first be perceived in the mind’s eye, and then dropped into the heart, were the feeling and emotion of that what you want to unfold becomes so real, that there is no other choice but for it to manifest.

Sometimes people say daydreams are just for children, but I encourage you to allow yourself to dream again and to create new realities in your heart and feel the emotions this creates. For as you do, the emotions will begin to act like magnets to attract circumstances, ideas and solutions into your life, that will help bring your dream into this present reality.

And so, my friends, I urge you today to spend some time placing your attention and your actions on the goal and the vision you want to see unfold, for both yourself and for this world.

“Whether life’s darkest moments tear you down or build you up, depends on your perception of the dance of life. Chose to learn and grow with every experience, even those that weary your spirit and abase your pride.”

– Embrosewyn Tazkuvel, 22 steps to Light up your Soul

copyright 2020, Restoring Light, all rights reserved

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