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Our Stories Reveal Our Journeys

Every journey in our life starts with a dream or a vision. Sometimes we need to reflect on the roads we have traveled and the journeys we have experienced, to remember who we are and how we got to where we are today.

My Grandpa Rechlin had a vision to build a home, a place to raise his family, a place that would be a refuge and shelter from the storm. He envisioned the home he would build with fruit trees and a garden he would plant out back. He purchased some land on Main Street in West Seneca, NY., and ordered his house from the Sears Roebuck catalog, and then he built it. To me, this was the perfect little house, it was so peaceful, it felt safe and at the same time it always sparked my imagination. I would play in the backyard and field imagining all sorts of adventures. And it was here, in this magical place that my own visions would form and begin to grow.

During the summer I would spend each weekend at my Grandparent’s house. At the first chance I would get, I would walk through the back garden, down the winding path through the trees, to Centennial Park at the back of the property. Crossing the park, I would come to the library. I remember the pure joy as I walked through all the aisles of books; there was so much to explore! Each week I would come back carrying 10 books, the maximum they would allow me to take.

I would check out books on every subject that caught my eye. I had always had a thirst for the unseen world around me and was fascinated by books on ESP. I wanted to know about this invisible world of wonder. I checked out books on bird-watching and animals, I loved studying the wildlife in my grandpa's backyard with his big binoculars. I read marvelous stories about horses and would envision myself riding on their backs flying through the wind. Mystery novels, were a favorite of mine, I just love the sense of the adventure they gave me and how they allowed me to travel to faraway places. Week after week, page after page I explored the world and all that had to offer. And as I did so I began to learn what made up my soul, and what made my heart sing; and just like my grandpa I began to create my own dreams and visions which one day I would work to fulfill. Much of my time was spent writing poems and stories of my own, giving me an avenue to express the things I was learning. I think I always loved writing poems. I don’t know how old I was when I wrote the following poem, but I love how it expressed my love for the mysteries in the world of Nature.

Today I have a career as an Intuitive Health Consultant, having learned, practiced, and pursued the skills needed to develop my intuition and tap into the unseen world around me. Those things that were once perceived as magic when I was a child, are now being explained by physics and quantum science. I have learned to ride horses and rode bareback across the open fields. I would brush them for hours and marvel at their beauty and their loving spirit. Today I continue to explore the mysteries of life and seek out new adventures. I always take time to connect with and appreciate nature, animals, and all that God created. His gifts to us are bountiful, and the mysteries therein are magical. And to this day I love to read, each morning I wake an hour early so I can read in my books and journals. Most importantly, I learned to live a soul guided life, connected always to my Creator and his Creation and to the song he placed in my heart.

As I reflect on my journey in my life, I reflect on the vision for my business as well. As I move forward at this time I desire to move into the realm of teaching and sharing the wisdom, skills and information I have gathered over the years. I desire to help you reconnect with your heart, your dreams, and your visions and awaken your beautiful potential. I desire to teach you how to understand the vibrational world we live in and the energy of healing. For with this information you will be able to heal and restore your health and return vitality to your body, mind and spirit.

As I move forward to fulfill this vision, I request from those of you who can see my vision in your heart, and have the desire to pray, to hold me up in prayer to strengthen and guide me. For I desire that the end of the journey be much greater than what I ever perceived was imaginable. I thank you for standing together with me.

Perhaps you too had visions and dreams which you held in your heart as a child? I encourage you to reflect on them now, pull them out and dust them off. See if they still hold a spark and call to you. It is never too late to rekindle the flame within your heart.

I wrote this poem when I was 12 years old, we had just moved to a new home and neighborhood, and my parents had just got a divorced. At a time when the world seemed confusing and challenging to me. But despite all that was going on, I knew that each of us held a purpose for our being here on this planet. And that purpose included the parts of our journey when we traveled together.

Blessings, Valerie

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