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Opening to Magic

Our perspective on life is often the anchor to the situations we find ourselves in. We keep telling ourselves the same story over and over – “I will never find a better job”, “I’ll never find a person to share my life with”, “my body will never be able to heal itself”. These stories we tell ourselves are rooted in beliefs that have been ingrained in us since childhood, or formed during a highly emotional event in our life – but they are just stories.

I am always looking for see things from another viewpoint, I don’t like being trapped by an old story that hangs over my head. One day I asked Spirit “show me a new way to see my life”, and the Universe responded and began in to show me a whole new way to see my world. I learned that I am the creator of my life, my life is not controlled by fate or chance. And I understood that God has given us many helpers to teach, guide and direct us along the way. We are never alone.

Would you like a new perspective on what is possible as well? All you need to do is ask and be open. As you open yourself to something new, people and situations will be drawn into your life to open new doors. You will feel more connected and in control of your life. You begin to realize how much you are truly loved. All this, because you were willing to let go of a fixed belief system and see the world with new eyes.

In celebration of seeing the magic that we are missing, I went out with my camera and asked Spirit to show me something new, something different and something magical in the world around me.

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