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Re-Kindle your Flame

Welcome to summer time, what a beautiful time of year. Summer brings in the energy of expansion, a time when all our hard work, our dreams and ours desires begin to blossom. This is a time of year to allow your creativity to grow and expand; it’s a time of year we associate with travel to faraway places and new adventures.

But what if you are not feeling the energy and enthusiasm of the summer season? Instead of enjoying the summer, you feel like curling up in bed instead. To understand why an imbalance like this might occur, we need to understand some aspects of the Fire Element to find the answers.

The season of summer is dominated by the Fire element in Chinese medicine, which governs your circulatory and nervous systems. A balanced fire element fills the body with the energy of passion, motivation, movement and joy. We crave the outdoors and become very active. But when your Fire element is out of balance, you may find a lack of interest in this time of year. You may feel a lack of ambition in their work, or in moving towards your goals. Many find themselves depressed instead. When this happens, we know that our fire element is out of balance. Everyone who has ever built a fire knows you can’t keep piling wood on the fire forever, or it would begin to burn out of control, and at the same time, failing to feed the fire will result in its burning out as well. So as with all things in life, we need to find a balance.

If you have spent the spring season under high stress and pushing yourself too hard, you may find yourself burned out and depressed come summer time. Nature’s Sunshine’s Chinese Nervous Fatigue and Hawthorn berries are my favorite formulas for re-kindling the inner fire. These formulas help balance the nervous and glandular systems, they relieve stress and promote feelings of well-being. The herbs in these formulas enhance circulation, invigorate the body, and promote restful sleep. I like to combine them and take them for 4-6 weeks, until I feel my motivation and joy return.

When we feel burned out we often close our hearts emotionally as well. The NSP Flower Essence Formula, Open Heart, is a homeopathic remedy which helps you to open your heart to embrace life. The flower essences in this formula help you to commit to move forward despite the trails or pain you have gone through. They help you to feel loved and supported. 10 drops under the tongue twice a day will allow the energy of these flowers to help you shift your perspective.

May your heart be open, your joy full and your life full of magic,

Blessings, Valerie

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