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Love them through their pain

It was a cold January morning as I walked along the pasture. The fence posts sts which stood cold and hard against the sky. They seemed oblivious to the sun which cast her warming rays upon us. “Why do you resist the sun?” I asked, but they did not speak.

Then the sun whispered in my ear “they hold the energy of those who have built walls around their hearts. Those who have hardened their exterior and they feel unlovable.”

I contemplated these words. The moss lichen clung to the posts like the hurts and memories people hold onto. Their stories so complex and detailed that they wrap around them like the old dried vines upon the fence posts.

“How do I help them?”

And the sun spoke ever so gently, “stand in the gap for them, see them as their Creator sees them, believe in them. Allow the warmth and compassion in your heart to radiate out to them. They can feel it. For even the coldest night is warmed by a fire’s flame.

This is their journey, honor their journey and love them. For their will come a time, as the seasons change, that the vines which surround them will begin to blossom. And they will find their hope and heal themselves.”

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