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Seeds of Creation

Sometimes we feel stuck, our creations seem to lose their luster. That which was once wonderful, now seems wilted and faded. I want to encourage you that your creation is not dying, it is turning inward, to create seeds. Something new and beautiful wants to unfold.

Life is meant to change, it flows in cycles of creation. When we want to see change in our life, when we want to create something new, this is the time to turn inward, to move into your heart and spirit.

Take time to reflect on what changes you’d like to create. Take time to consider what beliefs, relationships or “things” you wish to let go of, that no longer serve you. Embrace the endless possibilities before you. You hold in your hands the seeds of your next creation, your next adventure, the next vision you wish to unfold.

Take your time, rest and contemplate. You are a child of the Universe. A child of the most loving creator God who sees only your fullest potential. Go ahead, dream, believe, manifest… plant the seeds of your next creation.

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