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Embracing Change

With the fall weather moving in, I didn’t think I’d come across a caterpillar out for a stroll. It always amazes me that these vulnerable little creatures, can transform into beautiful butterflies. This caterpillar, with his ugly spikes and scary look, doesn’t seem to know that he will soon be able to fly. And yet, he will soon create a cocoon, close off the world and dissolve his old identity to create a new one. What happens inside the cocoon that causes the caterpillar to shed his scary protective spikes and emerge with beautiful, soft, powder-like wings which display confidence and power?

Imagine that the caterpillar represents you in your present state, with all your health issues, pain and insecurities. Imagine then, that the butterfly represents you in a renewed state, transformed and released from the bondage of illness. I believe the caterpillar was placed on this earth to be a metaphor for transformation and change for us to learn by. If so, the question that comes to my mind is what caused the caterpillar to transform into the butterfly? There are 2 things a caterpillar must do in order to transform into a butterfly, build a cocoon and shed his old skin. Once this is done the transformation into a butterfly takes place naturally without his conscious effort.

We too can enter the cocoon of transformation by moving inward to our heart center. The cocoon is a quiet place free of the opinions, thoughts and illusions presented by the outside world. Here we can quiet our mind and begin to release beliefs and limitations that have held us back in our life. We enter a place of rest and quiet observation, where we can hear the voices of our higher self and Spirit guide us. As we emerge back to our present mind, we find we have new sight, new understanding and new power. Transformation then, is the process of letting go, to allow for something new to form.

Blessings, Valerie

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