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Reflections in the Forest

A walk in the forest does wonders to quiet the mind. For there are places in the forest where quiet waters flow, it is in these quiet places that one can connect to the heart and hear the reflections from your soul.

It was here in a quiet place within the forest that I reflected on the troubled world we live in. I began to understand that the world and all we see unfolding before us is not a hapless event of chance, but rather, it is being orchestrated by our actions, our thoughts, and our emotions. For we are all co-creators of the world we live in.

There are many people and organizations that do not have our best interests in mind. They are self-serving, driven by greed, and do not care about the greater good of humanity. And yet we have allowed them to be in the driver’s seat of our future and our lives. We have given them the power to tell us whether we can leave our house, open a business, or breathe the air that contains the life force energy that sustains us.

Why did we do this? The answers which unfolded before me were both complex and yet simple. I saw how we as individuals, and as a collective, have given away our power to others, because we had forgotten who we are. We had lost connection with our higher selves, with our Creator, and with the very purpose we came to this beautiful planet. This caused us to develop a feeling of being separated and alone. There is fear that is created when you lose the ability to trust in your own guidance and instincts. Once this fear is embraced you lose the confidence to trust yourself. And in losing this connection, we have stepped away from the driver’s seat of our lives and allowed someone else to make the decisions as to what is best for us.

As a natural health consultant, I have spoken to thousands of people over the years who were taking a medicine that they felt was harming them in some way. My clients were afraid to stop the medication or request a different treatment because they were programmed to believe that their doctor had more knowledge as to what was good for them than they did. And at the same time, I have seen thousands of lives changed, people empowered, and their health improve once they recognized that within them is an innate wisdom which knows how to heal the body. Once empowered, they were able to take steps to learn to listen to their body’s wisdom and recognize those actions which were beneficial to building their health, versus those that were destroying their health.

We are now faced with a decision both collectively and individually, as to who will decide our future. Who will decide whether we can hug our neighbor or shake the hands of a stranger? Yesterday, my husband and I drove up to a small mountain town for dinner, it was the first week that this town had reopened since the shutdown. As we walked around, I ran into my friend Brandon whom I had not seen in months, upon greeting me he stood and opened his arms to give me a hug. As he did so he said, “I’d love to give you a hug, if you still do that?” It was a rhetorical question for he knew that I understood the power of the hug, and the healing power of human touch. And as we embraced, we joined for a moment of unity. In that moment we silently reminded ourselves that we were connected to each other by an invisible healing force called LOVE.

Blessings, Valerie

“Each individual upon this planet

has the key

to the Golden gates.

The kingdom of heaven rests

within each human heart.

The essence of the divine

is in every cell of your body.

It only takes a slight re-orientation

to recognize this divinity within you

and to live every part of it.”

- Barbara Brennan, Seeds of the Spirit

Copyright 2020, Restoring Light, all rights reserved

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