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Ripples in the Waters of your Life

Each of us are on our own personal journey in life, yet we are all connected with others in a collective journey. Our words, emotions and thoughts ripple across the rivers of life touching those we meet. There are people in our lives that journey with us for years or lifetimes, and others who enter our lives for just a fleeting moment. Each time we release ripples, we share our energy as we interact. We share insights, knowledge and wisdom with others. We ask questions and seek guidance. We discuss and share our beliefs and at times these discussions turn into conflict, as our views and beliefs do not resonate with each other. At times like this if focus too much on the situation we can turn off the flow of intuitive information which could help us to understand our conflict. When we block understanding, tension rises, perhaps an argument occurs. If we choose instead to drop into our heart center and “feel into” what is being said, we can understand the source of the ripples which another sends out to us. Do not take their words or emotions personally, but ask instead “what can I learn from this” “how can I respond in a way that honors myself but still honors you?”

Each of us have facets of ourselves which have been forgotten, denied or suppressed, maybe for years, maybe for lifetimes. They are always tugging at our hearts to be acknowledged, remembered and healed. And so, we attract into our lives people or situations which mirror, reflect or illuminate these forgotten areas of ourselves. Aspects of ourselves we wish to heal or release. It requires compassion and being heart centered to “allow” these situations to unfold in our life without judging them and reacting unconsciously with anger, hurt or frustration. It takes courage to ask yourself “what am I trying to learn from this experience?” “What am I seeking to heal or release?”

It takes letting go and suspending your thoughts and ingrained beliefs for just a moment, to allow your Spirit to speak to you. For transformation and shifting of your thoughts to take place. For then, in an instant you can receive clear vision and new understanding, from which you can choose healing. You can then embrace new choices, gain new freedom and a new way of seeing and reacting in your life. New ripples begin to form, and you send them out into the river of your life changing and touching those along the way. This is the beauty of transformation and healing. The change comes from within. As this powerful shift in consciousness occurs, the beauty and potential within you begins to rise to the surface. To change not only your life, but the lives of those around you.

Blessings, Valerie

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