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It is time to Remember who we are

I watched a butterfly today flutter about as he searched for nectar of the flowers which sustained him. He was unafraid of my presence.

Nectar is derived from the Greek language and carries the meaning of an inspiring beverage from the gods, which represents the ability to overcome death. The butterfly, who was once caterpillar and lived on leaves, overcame death as he dissolved his body in the cocoon, to be resurrected and reborn into a butterfly. And now his sole source of nourishment is nectar. To me, this sends a message that for us to be totally free and able to ‘fly’, we need to seek the guidance and nourishment of Spirit in our lives.

The power to shift the energy within our lives resides within us. As we seek guidance from our intuition and from Spirit, contemplate the messages we receive, and ask questions to give us clarity, the path reveals itself as a light at the end of the tunnel.

Sometimes we get caught up in our ego and our mind,

as we want to make sense of all that is going on around us. We want to make sense of the injustice we see, or understand the struggles we are in. But it is not the mind’s place to make sense of all you see, it is rather, a tool to be used to help you understand what Spirit is revealing. For it is the heart which brings discernment and understanding, and it is the mind which transforms that into a language that makes sense to you. This is a subtle but powerful difference; can you see it?

We are in the midst of creating a brand-new world. In doing so, we have the choice to create from unity consciousness and love, rather than from separation and fear. The butterfly, the symbol of transformation and change, of living a life connected to spirit. Now is the time, to let go of the anger, to let go of the confusion and the sense of loss, release it. Now is the time to embrace transformation, power, and love.

When millions of people focus their attention upon listening to the same words, seeing the same pictures, and hearing the same descriptions, tremendous energy is generated, and a massive thought-form is created which becomes a part of the mass consciousness. These thought forms are vibrational blueprints which hold instructions for manifesting reality. The media can use this concept to capture your attention and then program your imagination, essentially canceling out your unique creative drive to manifest your own reality as well as your desire to know yourself.

I believe we came to this earth to learn to be creators; we create our lives, our families, our social life, and our careers. We did not come to be victims, or to be led mindlessly by some higher governing power. We did not come to become a people without hope. No, I believe we came to this earth to learn to remember who we are, to recognize our full potential and our connection to our Creator. Each one of us is full of divine potential. We are always connected to our Creator and to all of creation, it is only when a veil comes between us, and all that is, that we forget who we are. The veil of separation and fear is coming down, the Light is being revealed again.

“ It is at that moment where you look at reality that may have once knocked you down, and suddenly you can see the very photons of the hologram, and you fear nothing, not even death, and know that you can remake the world to match your ideas. “

– Moving through Parallel Worlds

Reach For Your Dreams

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