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Illuminations in the Fog

Walking along on a fog covered morning, it felt like I would disappear into the thick clouds before me. It was very quiet as none of the birds were singing there morning songs. It felt eerie at first, but I felt like there was something beautiful and mysterious hidden in the fog. In silent anticipation I continued to walk along. As the first rays of the sun began to cut across the field, a soft glow flickered in response. The fog had covered everything with dew drops and they were capturing the sun light like little globes of light. There were hundreds of little spider webs lit up across the field, and the dew-covered grass flickered like sparklers. The swirling fog crept between the bushes and trees like a golden smoke, and slowly it began to rise, allowing the sun to be ushered in.

The fog illuminate’s beauty that we otherwise, would not see. In our own lives there are times when we feel surrounded by a fog, encircling us so completely that our perspective on life seems to disappear. But it is in this quiet isolation, that we find we are not alone. It is here, when all the world around us disappears, that we can hear the voice of Spirit speak. It is here that the flicker of light in your heart can be felt, and the eyes of your spirit can see new light. Truth, beauty, and new possibilities are reveled.

Do not fear the foggy days my friend, embrace them, for something beautiful and mysterious wants to reveal itself to you.

Photos by Valerie Greguire

Copyright Restoring Light 2019, all rights reserved

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