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New Year Greeting

The new year is dawning, against the darkened horizon of the passing year

she shines her golden light.

She offers promise, she offers hope.

She beckons us to embrace our powers, to embrace our vision,

to embrace our hearts.

She urges us like a mother urging a child,

To open our wings that we might fly, and embrace the potential we were given.

The new year is dawning, I can see her rising.

Her warm golden rays of light run across the horizon to greet me.

Stirring within me the desire to connect with her,

She offers promise, she offers hope.

Her warm rays urge me to release the things that do not serve me,

To let go of any thought patterns, habits, or situations which do not resonate with my heart.

The new year is dawning, she rises before me.

Full of potential, promise and hope.

Her warm golden light stretches across the horizon, revealing the paths before me.

Empowered by choice, strengthened by faith, I embrace her with courage and determination.

I choose my destination, my goals, and my vision.

My heart sings the song she has given me.

As the new year dawns on the horizon,

I turn to you my friend, and offer my hand,

I offer you my support, my love, and my vision for you.

I offer to walk with you, to encourage you, and to believe in you.

I invite you to join me on this beautiful journey that awaits us,

A gift from our Creator to manifest something new and powerful,

To manifest that which your heart is yearning to create.

To release the potential within you.

You are never alone, you are always loved,

you are always supported.

New Year blessings, Valerie

Copyright 2018 Restoring Light, all rights reserved

Photo by Kevin Carden @ Dreamstime

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