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The Power of our Focus

As the sun sets the confederate rose contemplates the coming day, what will she create tomorrow? Her blooms begin as one color, and as the day progresses, they change color and intensity reminding us that we are the creators of the vibrations we hold. Where do you place your focus, do you see the beauty or the pain?

Even during challenges and heartaches we can choose to focus our attention on something that gives us pleasure. Something that makes us smile. When you focus on positive thoughts and hold positive emotions, your body creates “feel good “chemicals such as dopamine which increases memory and concentration and makes you feel happier. Your body also releases acetylcholine, another brain chemical which increases the minds ability to expand, dream and learn more. This helps you to see new opportunities and new possibilities.

In contrast emotions such as fear constricts every cell in the body. We find we become frozen and unable to move forward in life. Negative limiting emotions like fear, anger and separation turn off health building genes and active disease-causing genes. You always have a choice as to where to focus your attention, this is so simple, yet powerful. A change in where you place your attention throughout the day, can set you on the path to healing, health and renewed vitality.

No matter how hard your day, no matter the challenges you face, take a moment to stop and close your eyes and bring up the image of something beautiful, or someplace peaceful. Bring up a memory which makes you laugh or smile or look around you and notice something beautiful. As you do so, relax your shoulders and relax your belly. Breath quietly for a few moments while you focus all your attention on this up-lifting moment. Feel the positive emotions in your body this creates in you. In doing so, you send messages of health and healing to your cells. And you shift out of your ego and mind and move into your heart, where you can connect with your higher self and your Creator.

Blessings, Valerie

copyright 2018 Restoring Light, all rights reserved

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