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Activating your Inner Healer

The sunlight filters through the trees, glistening across the horizon. Her warm glow beckons me to silence. I stop and connect with spirit, all else fades away. In that moment I am one with my creator, in that moment I am whole.

How do we heal our bodies? How do we activate our healer within?

An important step in activating the healer within you, is to recognize that your body is not just a physical/mechanical structure. You cannot separate your physical body from your emotions, mind and spirit. When we see ourselves in this wholeness, we take a new approach to healing. We recognize that there is an innate wisdom that has been instilled within us, that we can use and be guided by to obtain healing and wellness. The interconnection of the body with the mind, spirit, and emotions makes us aware that our consciousness affects our health. Where we place our attention, the intentions we hold in our heart, and the emotions that we feel, all play a role in our ability to heal and repair the body.

Our bodies have abundant healing resources which can be activated to heal and repair our health. We must learn how to activate this healing potential and maintain it.

The medicine within you is activated when you gaze at a beautiful flower with gratitude. It is activated when you send loving thoughts to another person. The medicine within you is activated when you choose to eat clean, natural foods, and when you take time to stretch and move your body. The medicine within you is activated when you are conscious of your thoughts; when you choose to focus on thoughts which are uplifting to the mind and to the spirit. You activate the medicine within when you take herbs to help your body nourish itself and repair, and when you make sure to get enough rest. There is so much that you can do to activate and awaken your inner healer, and it is all in your power to do so. I encourage you to not to give your power away to others to manage your health, but to choose instead to reclaim your natural God-given power to heal. Learn to recognize and trust your inner healer and be guided by its wisdom. That you might awaken your full healing potential.

So often we feel that we need new medications, new surgeries or new procedures to heal and repair the body. We forget that our body is self-healing, and that all the medicine we need is within us already.

For example, taking steps to reduce and manage your stress activates healing, here are just a few benefits:

  • Reduces heart rate and blood pressure

  • Reduces muscle tension

  • Improves circulation to the digestive organs

  • Increases oxygen supply to our cells – improves breathing

  • Turns on health building genes and turns off disease causing genes

  • Improved brain function, focus, and memory skills – including improved ability to access your intuition.

  • Stress reduction helps to balance metabolism – instead of using your bodies energy reserves to fight stress and simply “survive your day”, you can use your energy to repair the body and build vitality.

Think of all the medications that could be reduced just by learning relaxation techniques and stress management. When we reduce muscle tension, we relax not only large muscles, but we relax muscles in our blood vessels, our eyes- improving eyesight, our digestive tract (think- digestive spasms) and so much more.

Building your health begins with a single choice to do something, or change something, in order to support health and vitality. Today is the day to choose to take a step to create renewed health.

Blessings, Valerie

"We must return to the ways of nature to receive illumination, to recognize the cosmic the laws, and our bodies as temples. Each person is a sacred temple. The altar of the temple is the heart. The fire of love, a reflection of the greater light, burns upon this altar. The light within must be acknowledged, cared for, and venerated."

- Willaru Huayta, Incan spiritual teacher from Peru


This a fantastic quick video to help you stay healthy. With the Covid situation many of you have been programming your minds with information that says things like " the air I breath is dangerous, germs can kill me, toxins are poisoning me etc." These unconscious fear based thoughts are causing you to produce high levels of cortisol which does 3 distinct things (just to name a few):

1). excessive cortisol lowers your immune system

2).excessive cortisol blocks insulin getting into your cells which causes weight gain

3.) excessive cortisol causes muscles to become weak causing fatigue.

4.) excessive stress and cortisol causes your body to decrease production of thyroid stimulating hormone which lowers metabolism. Dr. Lipton explains how this programming is happening and how you can begin to change your thoughts and re-program your body's response to build health.

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