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What is your Heart Yearning to Create?

I decided to create a fresh writing space in my home, I had found that when I tried to write in my office, I often got distracted by tasks that needed to be completed. A dedicated writing space seemed like the perfect solution. I love the new space I created; I love how the morning light creates shadows that dance along the wall, giving the space movement and dimension. Each object that I placed in my space holds meaning to me, helping to create the mood and energy I want to embrace there.

It’s been two weeks since I set up my desk and my husband picks on me that I have never even sat down to write there. But it’s not ready yet, I’m waiting for the spark of creativity to ignite. For when you create something new, you start in physical realm with a desire (in my case a writing space) and then once you establish your desire, you move up through your consciousness to connect with your higher self, to feel into this desire. From there you move to the higher realms of Spirit by tapping into your intuition, to expand your idea and receive guidance and insight. Once your vision is fully conceived, you move down back into the physical again, to bring your idea to form. I call this the ‘seed’ stage, I’ve planted my idea, played with how it could unfold, and now I am waiting for the “sprout to push through the soil” to let me know it’s time to create.

The “seed stage” is one of the most beautiful, exciting stages in the creation process. Many people push past this stage and just dive into their new project only to get discouraged or, in the case of writing, fall into writer’s block. But I have learned to be patient, for I know springtime will come, and the sprouts will push through the soil. I’d like to share some points I have learned about this stage in the creation process:

◦ This is a time of reflection, of pulling inward

◦ A time to consider what you liked about your past creation

◦ And a time to consider what you would like to change

◦ This is a time of stillness and reflection

◦ A time to consider the infinite possibilities which lie before you

◦ Be patient, don’t rush this stage, let it unfold naturally

We were born to create, to envision, to dream, to imagine and we do this all the time. To begin the creation process we begin by connecting to ourselves. We make a choice to be a conscious creator. Decide to pay attention to what is unfolding in your life, pay attention to the thoughts which are running through your mind. And pay attention to the emotions you are holding in your heart. For these things create the blueprint for what you will create. And so, I wait patiently, until I feel the pen calling me to pick it up, to release a stream of creative ideas and energy.

“You are here to become consciously aware of your purpose, which is co-creation with the Divine… You are co-creators of all you long for. Simply by knowing that you long for it, you can be absolutely sure that you have already begun its creation”

Barbara Brennon, Core Light Healing

copyright Restoring Light 2022, all rights reserved


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