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Understanding how Flower Essences help us Heal

The beauty of flowers are much more than just their outward beauty and their beautiful scents, they hold energetic gifts as well. Flower essences are powerful vibrational formulas, they are made by capturing the vibrational attributes of the flower, rather than working with the plant substance itself.

Flower essences are liquid extracts created from the vibrational imprint of the flowers. Unlike an herbal extract, they do not contain any vitamins, minerals, or plant substances. Flower essences support mind-body health and emotional well-being, they evoke powerful feelings within the body and mind to help us shift our emotions. Emotions are energy, you can feel anger across a room, or feel someone’s prayers from hundreds of miles away. Likewise, emotions can get stuck in the body and be held there for years, or even a lifetime. When an emotion is stuck in the body it interferes with the flow of life force energy through the body. Flower essences help to move the stuck emotional energy and release it from the body, allowing emotional healing and transformation to take place.

A beautiful waterfall, a symbol of spiritual power and strength, it speaks to me about releasing our fears, moving through the obstacles in our life and the power to change our direction.

As water in the waterfall it is renewed each moment, so is our vision and strength as we allow Spirit to wash over us.

We all have challenges, fears and worry to overcome in our life. We all have the power to do this as we connect with our higher selves, God and Spirit.

Nature’s Sunshine has created several wonderful flower essence formulas which help you to move through difficult times of fear or worry. Flower essences are homeopathic remedies which focus on lifting our emotions. They do this by capturing a plant’s frequency and personality traits in a vibrational formula. As we take in this formula, it effects how our thoughts and cells vibrate. Just like when someone is singing a happy song and you unconsciously start humming or singing the song as well – you begin to resonate with the frequency of the song.

Be Courageous Remedy – helps us to overcome the obstacles which are holding us back in our life. The flowers used in this formula help instill confidence to move forward to release our fears and doubts. The Be Courageous formula contains the following flower essences: Mountain Pride – helps a person confront and transform challenging situations. Aspen – for fears of the unknown, hidden fears and anxiety, promotes trust and confidence to meet the unknown. Scleranthus – hesitation and indecision, wavering between choices, promotes decisiveness and resolve. Mimulus – for facing known fears, promotes courage and self-confidence. Cerato – for people who are overly dependent on the advice of others, helps people to trust their own inner knowing. Blackberry – for the inability to translate goals into actions.

Distress Remedy – I like to combine this formula with the Be Courageous formula. For when we do take our first few steps in a new direction, we often get so overwhelmed with emotions that it “scares us frozen.” It is at that point, that I’ll take the Distress Remedy as it acts to dislodge me from that negative thought pattern and “re-connect” me with my vision, and a calming sense of peace and stability.

Distress Remedy helps to promote tissue healing and a sense of calmness. It is working on both physical and emotional imbalances. Distress Remedy uses a combination of 7 flowers.

Arnica – Energetically, arnica helps release stress or trauma from the physical or emotional body.

Star of Bethlehem – helps you overcome the effects of stress and trauma and gives you a sense of comfort.

Rock Rose – Helps you overcome panic or extreme fear, calms the thoughts.

Impatiens – Helps you overcome frustration and irritability, calms agitated thoughts, calms the mind – when you get stressed it is normal to feel frustrated, and his flower helps you move through the frustration.

These first flowers in Distress Remedy helped to release the trauma and move through the initial feelings which came to surface. Now these next flowers help to shift Your vibration and focus:

Clematis – Helps anchor your reality, brings you “back to earth” and create new optimism “I know this is a difficult situation, but I will get through it”

Cherry Plum – Relieve the feeling of having loss control in a situation “it’s OK”

Red Clover – Generates a calm stable presence, especially in emergency situations

You can use flower essences to help you to re-program your emotional response and thoughts. An important key in reprogramming your mind from fear to fearless is to practice focusing on positive thoughts and emotions throughout the day. These thoughts do not have to relate to the challenge you are working to overcome. Any positive emotion you feel turns on chemicals in your brain (like dopamine and acetylcholine) which causes you to FEEL HAPPY and helps your brain to expand with new possibilities and new vision. WOW! Every time you shift your focus to enjoy a kitten tumbling with a toy, the laughter of a child, the pleasure of a beautiful sunset, or listen to great music, you turn on health building genes and neurotransmitters which strengthen and empower you.

May you take time today to center yourself in your heart, to connect with your higher self and your Creator. May you allow Spirit to wash over you like a beautiful waterfall, to cleanse your thoughts and give you a new vision. Blessings, Valerie

Copyright 2021 Restoring Light, all rights reserved

Photos by Valerie Greguire


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