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The Ripples that Moves You

In those moments when your life feels balanced,

When the tranquil waters mirror serenity and calm,

A ripple will form, subtle yet profound,

This ripple weaves its way into your very essence,

For a cosmic note has sounded in the Universe,

This note, a melody that stirs your soul.

There is no resisting the lure to discover its meaning,

A new quest, a new adventure has begun,

In pursuit of this note, your purpose will be discovered,

That you may partake in the song that it creates.

Heed the call of passion, let it guide your way,

For within your searching, new horizons will open,

And the song of your essence will be revealed.

Heed the calling of your passion, for within it lies your destiny,

For its through such pursuits –

that life’s most magnificent melodies are composed.

The calling of your soul may not display itself as one might think. It can be as subtle as a daisy embracing the sun, or as grand as the sunset dancing over the ocean. Each has its place; each has its message. We are all part of the most beautiful, magical symphony of life. As we had tune ourselves to our heart, and our soul, we bring ourselves into harmony, and in so doing, the symphony becomes whole. This is the power that will change the Earth and heal the people in the land. Our Creator is guiding us, teaching us, and urging us to fulfill our destiny.

Copyright 2023 Restoring Light, all rights reserved

Photos by Valerie Greguire, all rights reserved


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