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The Energy of Creating

In the study of Energy Medicine and Quantum Physics, we learn that the creative energy of the Universe moves in mathematical spirals. Evidence of this mathematical spiraling energy can be seen throughout nature. Look at the flowers unfolding their petals, the insect’s multi-faceted wings or eyes, the branching out of the tree’s roots or branches and the patterns revealed in pinecones and seashells.

This creative energy is both physical and vibrational. Creative energy is born from a single point, such as an idea, a desire, or an intention. Fueled by emotion it begins to move outward, reaching and drawing energy onto itself, until the creation unfolds. This incredible energy has been given to humans and can be harnessed to heal the body, or to create great structures. We were born to be creators, not passive participants on the ride through life.

I urge you to go deep within your heart and connect with your spirit, and ask yourself “what do I want to create in this life?” We have been taught to limit our expectations as to what is possible. But I challenge you, to consider that you hold the key to unlimited potential, which is just waiting to unfold.

It all starts when you embrace a desire within your heart. Like to seed beginning to sprout, you send the desire upwards to the Universe, to gain wisdom and information that will allow you to manifest your desire. At the same time, you send the desire inward through every cell in your body. Next you send the energy of your desire downward into the earth, rooting it into this physical world. This activates the creative energy to expand outwards. An energy so powerful that it ripples out in waves, creating a resonance to draw your creation into existence.

It is time my dear friends, that we humans embrace our full potential.

Where do you place your Focus?

I think we all can all relate to the idea that that continued focus on a problem seems to hold that problem in existence. We can all think of someone who is obsessed with a particular health issue, and no matter what they do they never get well. It is like their attention to the problem freezes the problem, holding it in their reality. However, when you shift your attention to a solution instead, it allows for the possibility of change to occur. Your positive thoughts act like sunlight melting the ice.

We as humans shift our focus constantly, we often we find ourselves fixated on a problem without realizing we are doing so. It is important to be conscious of where you place your attention because your energy will follow your attention. You can focus your attention on fear, worry or disease, or you can shift your focus to building, repairing, and maintaining your health. If you want to know where your focus is, listen to the wording you use in relationship to your body for instance. Do say things like “I’m just getting old, my body is broken, or I inherited this disease”? What if you chose new wording to program new instructions into your cells? Take a moment and reflect on the power in the following affirmations:

“I am creating new healthy cells each day”

“My body is seeking to rebalance itself and restore health and vitality.”

“Like the sunshine melting the ice, I dissolve my illness and restore my health.”

Can you see how these thoughts brings in hope, and lifts the moods? This alone is enough to activate healing in the body. I encourage you to activity take charge of building your health. Today, you can choose to begin to restore health and vitality. Today, you can choose to re-write the end of the story.

Blessings, Valerie

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