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Standing at the Water's Edge

Standing at the water's edge, my gaze fixated on the lush forest sprawled on the opposite side. The forest, a realm of enchantment, reveals its mysteries to those who open their awareness to perceive them. As I stood there, captivated by the sight, a gentle breeze caressed me, whispering in my ears, making its presence known. "How can I learn to see this hidden world?" I pondered aloud. The wind, in its ethereal voice, responded, "All that exists is mirrored in the world around you. Learn to discern the reflections of the energy you seek." Guided by a sense of wonder, I embarked upon my voyage across the tranquil expanse of the lake, my canoe serving as a faithful vessel. Filled with eager anticipation, I set my sights on the forest that beckoned from afar, its lush depths concealing untold treasures waiting to be discovered. With each stroke of the paddle, I felt a surge of excitement coursing through my veins, fueled by the promise of unveiling the secrets held within the heart of the woodland sanctuary.

Lost in contemplation, I suddenly became aware of a radiant display of colors reflecting upon the tranquil lake. The hues were so beautiful and vibrant that every fiber of my being danced and came alive. My heart overflowed with excitement and bliss. In that magical instant, I comprehended the profound meaning behind the wind's whispered wisdom. I felt its tender presence once more before it gracefully departed, playfully skimming across the water's surface. As it moved away, it left behind ripples, like steppingstones guiding me towards the forest's edge. Lead by the gentle nudging of my inner compass, I felt compelled to step into the embrace of the tranquil lake, submerging myself completely in its ethereal beauty and serene essence. I surrendered to the profound stillness that heralds moments of self-transformation. In that hushed sanctuary, time seemed to stand still, allowing me to delve deep within and explore the boundless realms of inner reflection.

The forest, with all its allure, is a cherished place where I transcend the confines of the three-dimensional world and immerse myself in a multidimensional realm. It symbolizes my quest for enlightenment and a deeper comprehension of life's secrets. The reflections I alluded to in this writing serve as metaphors for the intuitive insights we encounter in our daily lives. Intuition, the gateway to the unseen domains of energy, Spirit, and consciousness, gradually reveals herself, attempting to capture our attention. She whispers through synchronicities, dreams, visions, and epiphanies, ceaselessly striving to ignite our yearning for a profound connection with ourselves, our Creator, and the realm of consciousness.

Refrain from seeking the answers to the deepest questions of your heart within the confines of your mind. For your mind resembles a river, constantly in motion gathering information, ever changing. Easily swept by emotion, the mind often dives into the depths of the past and intertwines it with the present moment.

Instead, may you embrace the art of stillness, allowing yourself to fully reside in the present moment. Release the continual currents of thought and allow the gentle ripples of your mind to subside. In this moment of stillness, delve into your heart's abode, for there, your soul will speak to you. Like the reflections on the stillness of a pond, your heart will reveal your inner thoughts and desires. For in the quiet places of your inner being mysteries unfold, revealing the answers that you seek. May you embrace the power of presence and let it guide you on the path of inner peace and self-discovery.

Blessings on your journey, Valerie

Copyright Restoring Light 2023, all rights reserved

Written and illustrated by Valerie Greguire


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