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Shifting into the Fall Energy

I love the energy of the changing seasons, particularly the fall. Autumn, with its crisp and invigorating weather, has a way of stirring the senses and awakening a sense of renewal within me. The cool, brisk air carries a certain clarity that seems to cleanse both the environment and the mind. As summer gracefully yields to early fall, we find ourselves amidst a season of harvest, where the gardens and orchards generously offer their bounty, with apples ripening on the trees. Yet, it's not just the harvest of fruits and vegetables; it's also a time to gather the fruits of our creative energy. This unique time of year harmoniously blends the expansive fire energy of summer with the grounding Earth energy of late summer. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, this season falls under the governance of the Earth Element energy, an energy inherently nurturing and creative. It beckons us to bring our projects to completion, to breathe life into our ideas and aspirations, and to see them through to fulfillment. It's a time when the very essence of nature seems to collaborate with us in our journey to meet our goals. Moreover, autumn symbolizes a time of introspection and change in our lives. As the natural world readies itself for hibernation, it encourages us to reflect on our own growth and shed what no longer serves us. The shorter days nudge us toward cozy gatherings with loved ones, fostering a sense of togetherness and gratitude. In essence, the invigorating embrace of fall's weather and the broader transformation it represents serve as a reminder of the beauty in change and the ever renewing cycle of life. It's a season that encourages us to embrace the present, savoring the moments of transition, and finding inspiration in the ebb and flow of nature's rhythms.

If your energy does not flow effortlessly into this season, it could indicate that your Earth Element may be out of balance. This imbalance often results from excessive stress and a tendency to over analyze our thoughts. This excessive thinking can turn into anxiety and worries, causing you to feel stuck and feel like you have a heaviness hanging over you. Since the Earth element regulates much of your digestive energy. Your digestive energy can be very sensitive at this time of year and easily upset by inappropriate diet and processed foods. Consequently, your ability to digest food may weaken, metabolism might slow down, and you might notice unwelcome changes such as weight gain or the onset of digestive issues. Additionally, you might become more susceptible to food sensitivities.

When seeking to restore balance during this season, it’s important to remember that the late summer energy calls us to return to our central core, to nourish our bodies and mind. This is a time to take care of YOU, to nurture yourself, and focus on what is important for you to stay balanced and grounded. We can inadvertently deplete our Earth Element energy when we care too much for others while neglecting our own needs. In this season of nurturing, remember taking care of yourself is not a selfish act but rather a fundamental step toward ensuring your own health and vitality. Restoring your own inner strength will be a source of power you can pull from when you do seek out helping to support others.

Your adrenal glands serve as important regulators of your core energy. When these glands are strong and well-nourished, we experience a profound sense of self-assuredness, we feel grounded and possess a strong will power. In this balanced state we can skillfully navigate our need for self-care and that of helping others. We have a sense of our feet firmly planted enabling us to remain steadfast on the path we have charted for ourselves. If you feel your core energy is weakened at this time of year, consider the formula Adrenal Support by Nature’s Sunshine combined with the adaptogen herb formula Suma Combination. These two formulas may help you to recover your vitality and inner strength while supporting your immune system during the fall season.

Adrenal Support is a wonderful formula to nutritionally support the body during times of prolonged stress. This formula provides specific vitamins, minerals and herbs which support optimal adrenal function and recovery from long term stress. Adrenal Support formula may help you respond to stress better, improve energy levels and give you a sense of stability during times of stress.

The Adrenal glands are small glands located on top of the kidneys. They produce a wide variety of hormones including cortisol, which helps regulate the immune system and control inflammation. Cortisol also regulates how your body converts fats, proteins, and carbs into energy. When your adrenal glands become sluggish it can lead to chronic fatigue.

Furthermore, your adrenal glands are instrumental in helping to keep your hormonal system in balance, they produce the hormones DHEA and pregnenolone which can be converted to estrogen, progesterone, or testosterone when the body requires an increase in these hormones. Consequently, supporting stress is critical for keeping your hormonal system functioning at optimal levels.

Suma Combination will further support your adrenal glands while also supporting a healthy immune response. If you have been struggling with a weakened immune system, consider the formula Suma Combination as a supplement for the upcoming fall season. Suma combination contains a combination of herbs which supports your body’s resilience to stress, fortifies the immune system, and naturally enhances energy production, mental clarity, circulation and stamina. This formula contains an impressive combination of herbs including Suma (Brazilian Ginseng), Echinacea, Astragalus root Extract, Eleuthero, Gingko extract, and Gotu Kola extract. A wonderful formula to add to your fall wellness regimen.

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