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Rising above obstacles

Look closely at the world around you,

For there are messages just waiting to speak to you.

There are answers to your questions, waiting to be revealed.

When we look below the surface of our mind, true magic unfolds.

I was moved by this beautiful plant, so boldly growing in such an unlikely spot.

The barbed wire, the dried fence post, both reflecting the challenges of life. Our circumstances do not define us, as this beautiful plant demonstrates.

Not worried about how it would survive but choosing to thrive against all odds.

Living in the moment and expressing its true authentic self.

Your heart is a door to your spirit. It is there, that you can find your true authentic self. This inner you, has no boundaries, no labels to define yourself.

For you are an infinite being, full of potential.

Embrace this truth, and life changes instantly, and magic begins to unfold. As I was taking photos of this plant, trying to capture the message it wanted to share with me, my 85-year-old father-in-law approached me and said, “Don’t pluck the plant, I’m watering it.” Wow, the insight in that moment which unfolded was powerful. Here was this plant, who found itself in a most impossible place to thrive, yet it chose to grow anyway. And that desire for growth was noticed, and the support the plant needed was provided. When the weather was dry, and there was no soil to find moisture, a passerby thought to bring it water. And so, a truth reveals itself: when you follow your heart’s passion, focus not on the circumstances around you; for you will always be guided and supported. Allow your passion to grow, reach outward to expand it, and all that you need will be provided for you.

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