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Reflections on Life's Purpose

Look closely at the world around you,

For there are messages waiting to speak to you.

There are answers to your questions, waiting to be revealed. When we look beyond the surface of our mind, true magic unfolds. May you take moments throughout your day to pause and embrace a slower pace, listen for the whispers of your heart. Learn to discern the longings that reside within your heart, heeding the wisdom and guidance from your higher self and Spirit. You hold the power to shape your dreams and visions, and you possess the freedom to select the path that resonates most profoundly with your being. Follow the song of your heart, follow your joy.

More than any other time in my life I see people all around me, including myself, longing to know what their purpose for being here is. What is the reason they came to this beautiful earth? A strong desire is welling up from within us is, calling out to fulfill that which we came here to do. As this feeling expands even more, I find myself asking how can we help humanity heal? How do we help the earth to heal and renew itself? Life is no longer about making a comfortable existence, having a family, buying various material objects like a house, a car, or great stereo system, or even just enjoying yourself. For these things, how honest or pleasant they may seem, can be lacking in greater purpose. For does not the most beautiful flowers create seeds within themselves to be sewn back to the earth, so that an entire garden might come forth. I believe that there is a stirring in the hearts of all of us, we are realizing that we came to this earth to find our talents, gifts, and abilities to bring them forth that they might shine in all their beauty. To reach out and re-connect with our Creator, that we might embody all that he offers. And then take these gifts and share them with others, and they become like seeds to be planted in the soil around us, that they too shall bring forth beautiful flowers.

As we journey through life, transformation, change, growth, and renewal are what shape us. Each step we take, no matter how small, contributes to our progress. Share a smile with a stranger. Take a deep breath pausing to embrace gratitude in your heart. Walk amidst the beauty of nature, let it inspire you. Plant seeds along the way, nurture them to grow and bloom. Allow your talents and gifts to grow and flourish. Open your heart and honor your body, mind, and spirit. It may not be easy, keep taking one step forward, every step counts. Let love be your guide. Hold tight to the light that shines within you, for it will illuminate your path towards greatness.

I see visions floating before my eyes, Fragments, which do not seem to fit together. Each one seems to call to me, to tug at the strings of my heart. Each vision seems so different, how can they fit together? What are these callings of my soul? Where are they leading me? They seem so magical, so empowering, like the beauty of an unfolded rose. So much so, I cannot turn away from them. Perhaps they represent that which I seek to create? Symbolism on the map to my soul’s yearnings, to a treasure of infinite beauty and power? My heart hungers for the calling of my soul to be fulfilled. As I sit quietly, I wait for each symbol to reveal itself. A bird lands on a tree limb next to me and speaks, “Follow me, I am the song of your soul, you do not need to understand all that unfolds before you, but listen rather, to the song I sing. Stay on the path where you can hear me, and I will guide you. If you get distracted and lose your way you will feel resistance. Like a note out of tune, resistance asks you to stop and contemplate the energy you are holding. Resistance asks you to stop and consider the path you have chosen. To re-align to the song of your soul.” I took a deep breath and exhaled, and a peace washed over me, I was not alone on this journey through life, I was not, nor ever could be lost. For my spirit within me is ever guiding me, with the song of my soul. With my feet firmly planted, I listen closely for a single note to call to me, And then I take a step, Knowing I am following the calling of my Soul.

Copyright 2023 Restoring Light, all rights reserved

Photos and artwork by Valerie Greguire, all rights reserved


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