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Reflections on a Summer Day

The stillness of a hot summer morning,

A time to reflect and contemplate life’s blessings,

I pause to hold this moment in my heart,

the warmth of the sunshine,

time spent with friends,

a gentle ocean breeze, a timeless sunset;

This is the beauty of Summertime.

Within each of us lies an artist, expressing our unique essence through our creations and sharing a message that resonates with our being. At the core of our creations lies intention, the very foundation of anything we create.

Intention acts as the thread that weaves the flowing energy through our thoughts, emotions, and even our subconscious beliefs. It guides and shapes the vibrations that radiate from within us. As conscious creators, we hold a profound awareness of the intentions we harbor, whether they arise from our conscious or unconscious realms. With gentle guidance, we navigate these intentions through the ever-changing currents of our lives, staying attuned to their presence and influence.


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