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Observing the Flow

The creation process can be likened to an ever-flowing river of energy, forever evolving into the next version of itself. Every thought, feeling, or emotion that moves through us exerts its influence on our reality, energetically shaping what unfolds in our lives. When we observe the flow, we can actively engage in creating the unfolding tapestry before us. This fundamental truth serves as the cornerstone of crafting the life we yearn to lead.

Watch your thoughts. Open your awareness. Choose to actively participate in the process of creating, rather than passively riding the waves of your unfolding reality unconsciously. Embrace life, ride the waves of your unfolding destiny.

Reflections of the Mind

Take a moment to watch your thoughts, to witness your emotions,

and in their observation find wisdom,

Ponder their roles in your life’s journeys,

Reflect on how they serve you,

Do they uplift and propel you,

or hinder your forward movement?

Recognize your power to deliberately shift your perspective,

New reactions to life situations can be cultivated.

Your thoughts and emotions hold the key,

They can have the potential to confine you,

or liberate you into a realm of joy and abundance.

Be vigilant in observing your thoughts and emotions,

Recognize the automatic programs of your subconscious,

Become mindful, become the observer,

Sculpt your mind into a navigational chart,

To lead you to your envisioned future.

This is my latest digital AI art, I created it to represent the power of both the struggle and the destiny that each of us hold. The full moon, representing that moment, when we connect, when we understand, the point when there’s no turning back from fulfilling that which we came here for. We have two boys in their mid-20s, young men now. I watch them as they contemplate the changes that are going on in the world. I watch them as they go through their own personal struggles and shape their careers. My love for them, so strong, yet it feels so limited. For their individual journeys are not mine to walk. With joy I watch them as they embrace new concepts, tidbits of wisdom, and aha moments, which shifts the path they walk on. It’s their visions that keep them strong, they strive to fulfill the calling of their soul. I do not try and remove the struggles in their lives - but aspire to teach them skills to overcome them.

Copyright 2023 Restoring Light, all rights reserved

Artwork by Valerie Greguire, all rights reserved


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