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Message from the Morning Moon

In the early morning light, the moon stood resolutely, casting its glow upon me. "How is it that you have not faded away?" I asked.

"I'm here to remind you," it replied, "that there are thoughts and emotions lingering from yesterday. They do not belong to this present moment unless you choose to carry them forward. You can illuminate them and they will persist, or you can embrace new light and let them fade away."

As I turned to the rising sun in the eastern sky, she urged me to fill my day with fresh thoughts, ideas, and feelings. When I looked back, the moon had gently faded away.

The Colors of my Day

As I begin my day, I become aware of the thoughts running through my mind. I become mindful of the colors I place on the canvas from which I create this day. If I remain unconscious of these colors, the brush strokes I make, and the images I form, I risk letting circumstances or other people dictate what manifests in my day. That is not my path. Instead, I connect with my spirit and heart. I reach out to the Creator, my guides, and angels. I align with my life purpose, dreams, and the visions flowing from my heart. I embrace being a conscious creator of my life.

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Photo and artwork by Valerie Greguire, all rights reserved


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