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Message from a Moth

This beautiful moth and the single leaf seemed suspended in time on the side of my house. I could have passed them by, but I would have missed the magic that they held. This is a male Imperial Moth, and he only lives 2-3 days. His sole purpose is to find a mate and breed. He emerges from his cocoon after midnight and mates the next evening. He doesn’t eat any food, as he does not have a mouth or a digestive system.

Like butterflies, moths are creatures of transformation. The Imperial Moth, which emerges at night brings the message that even when things get dark or confusing you are still being led to complete your life work and soul’s mission. Trust this guidance and move forward, new beginnings will emerge.

I decided to honor this magical creature by transforming the photo I took of him into artwork. I love the results; it reflects the power of going through a transformation while moving through challenging and confusing times.

Through the struggles in our life, we come forth, old memories and hurts fade away. New space is created, new visions and hope emerge. Bravely we reach toward the light. We grow stronger, we become wiser, we grow, and we heal, as we move through the journeys of our life.

Blessings, Valerie

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Photos and artwork by Valerie Greguire, all rights reserved


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