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Jumpstart your Morning energy

I like to wake up early, because I like to have time to read before starting my morning routine. Around 7 AM I have my morning energy cocktail followed by my breakfast smoothie around 9 AM. It's a ritual I created to help me keep my focus on building health and vitality. I make a variety of morning cocktails depending on the vibration I want to support. My latest combination combines Ionic minerals from Nature’s Sunshine, with the flower Essence blend Joy or Ignite from Freedom flowers and a dropperful of one of the herbal liquid blends from Secrets of the Tribe. I feel so good with these morning blends. It is a great way to set your intention for the type of day you want to have.

Like homeopathic formulas, Flower Essences are vibrational formulas. They are liquid extracts which contain the vibrational patterns of the flowers they are made from. Unlike herbal extracts they do not contain any vitamins, minerals, or plant substances so they work well for sensitive individuals. Flower essences help us to shift our moods and emotions to support mind-body health. I’m using Freedom Flowers formula Joy this week, some of the benefits of this formula are:

• Restoring a sense of playfulness or adventure

• Fighting depression naturally

• Encouraging spontaneity

• Bridging gap between responsible adult and inner child

• Lightening up a heavy heart

Secrets of the Tribe’s Raven Wisdom herbal blend combines gingko, gotu kola, sage, rhodiola, maca and Brahmi herb, to support cognitive health. The formula helps me focus and maintain mental clarity. I like their herb blends because they generally taste good, even if you just squirt them in your mouth.

Another favorite of mine is my morning ‘pick me up’ drink: Celestial Seasoning's Citrus and Raspberry herbal tea, fresh orange juice and Ionic minerals. Oh my gosh, this is delicious! I felt like my beverage was infused with morning sunshine.

Nature’s Sunshine’s Ionic minerals provide 70 natural plant minerals. Minerals are like spark plugs in the body; they are involved in turning on hundreds of enzyme reactions in the body. They are essential for antioxidant-enzyme function, for releasing toxins from the body, for hormones to work, and for maintaining fluid balance in the body. Minerals assist in blood clotting, muscle contraction, nerve transmission and oxygen transport, the list could go on and on. The minerals in this formula are from Fulvic Acid, a naturally occurring source of plant derived trace minerals which have powerful antioxidant properties. Fulvic acid is easily absorbed into the body and can transport up to 60 X its own weight in nutrients directly into cells.

Hope this gives you some ideas how you too can jumpstart your day!

Stay healthy, Valerie


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