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Gifts from the Tulip Tree

As I walked along the riverside, beautiful orange and yellow blossoms appeared before me, scattered on the path like unexpected gifts. Each blossom seemed to have been created by an artist's palette, with the details and hues of color blending together perfectly. As I held a couple of these intricate blossoms up to the sunlight, I couldn't help but notice how they blended with the shadows and the reflective colors on the water.

Nature is a harmonious whole, where every piece of creation flows together and yet can stand alone in beauty through even the smallest of details. In seeking balance and harmony within us and our lives, we can learn much from Nature's wisdom. Connect with her and listen for her guidance, for she reflects the heartbeat of our Creator. We are one, and it is only in our illusion of separateness that we lose our balance and peace. Take a deep breath and allow the essence of your Creator through the beauty of Nature to flow into your body and mind. Take a deep breath and as you slowly exhale allow any tension to be released. Allow this renewing energy to move through and refresh you and bring you back into balance.

Standing tall and proud, the Tulip Popular gracefully releases its flowers in full bloom when the winds blow, sending them to the forest floor. This provides a feast of sweet nectar for beetles and ants to indulge in.

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Photos by Valerie Greguire, al rights reserved


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