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Expressions from the Heart

I listened to the roaring song of the river as she cascaded over the boulders, and to the gentle song of the brook as she journeyed down the mountain side. Each of them giving voice to the pilgrimage they traveled.

We too are called to express the feelings and emotions we experience, as we move through our journey in life. For if we hold them in, and bury them beneath the surface of our heart, we stop the flow of life force energy from within us.

Each of us carries a song within our heart which yearns to be expressed. It is through the authentic expression of ourselves, that we move into the fullness of who we are. It is through our song that we honor our truth and allow our inner light to reach others.

May these words encourage you to express your inner desires, needs, feelings and emotions. May you release the flow of life energy from within you and choose to live a life that expresses your true authentic self.

It is in times of silence and reflection that we can find the path to move into our heart center. It is here that we can hear the whispers of our soul. There are facets of yourself which have been forgotten, denied, or suppressed perhaps for years or for a lifetime. They are always tugging at your heart to be awakened, remembered, and healed.

There are many lessons your soul wishes to learn, and experiences which your soul is seeking to explore. To help ourselves grow, we often attract into our lives people and situations which can mirror, reflect, or illuminate these aspects of our souls we wish to heal or bring to light.

It requires COMPASSION and being centered in our hearts to “allow” these situations to unfold in our life without judging them or reacting un-consciously with anger, hurt or frustration.

It Requires COURAGE to go within and ask your higher self “What am I trying to learn in this situation?” “What areas am I seeking to heal?”, “What am I holding onto which I need to let go of?”

And then it takes LETTING GO and suspending your thoughts and ingrained beliefs for just a moment, to allow your spirit to speak to your heart. Or to quiet your mind long enough to hear the whisper of God, your guides, or your angels as they gently draw your attention to the answers you are seeking.

And with this understanding comes LIGHT which shines upon the broken areas of your life and dissolves the misinformation you carried for so long. In that instant, you receive clear vision, and new understanding from which you can choose healing and EMBRACE NEW CHOICES. You gain new freedom and a new way of seeing and reacting to your life. This is the power of developing your intuition to guide your life. And the power of transformation, which is available when you move into your Heart center, to connect with your higher self and your Creator.

Through the struggles in Life, we come forth,

Old memories of the hurts and pain fade,

as we allow for new vision and hope to emerge,

We reach to the light, we grow stronger,

as we move through the journeys in our life.

My soul is gently guiding me, there are markers on the trail she has left for me. Urging me to notice them, and choose to follow them. There is something special down this path which she is urging me to follow, new insights, new adventures, new challenges and victories to be won. All carefully designed to guide me to be the strongest, most complete version of myself, that I might stand in confidence and beauty embracing my inner power.

Blessings, Valerie

Copyright 2021, Restoring Light, all rights reserved

Photos by Valerie Greguire, copyright 2021, all rights reserved


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