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Entering the New Energy

There is a New Year dawning, can you feel it on the horizon of your heart?

We are being called to move into the present movement and become conscious creators of our lives. Let go of your fear, and release your anger, for it feeds and sustains the old reality.

There is a New Year dawning, it holds a frequency of unity, power, and love, can you feel it? Tune into this frequency, for as you do so you will ignite the flame of change within you, You will find you have new power, and clearer vision,

And together we will begin to create a new reality, and heal this planet.

Entering your Quiet Place

There is a place of stillness, a place to rest, which lies within you. This is the place you go to renew your spirit, refresh your energy, and rekindle your fire.

It is through our constant connection with our heart center and with Spirit, that we can discern that which enhances the light within us, and that which diminishes or constricts it. By being connected to our heart center we can discern whether the path we are on is right for us. And through our power free choice we can choose to change our direction. In using the power of choice, we can take responsibility for the light within us.

We are co-creators of our life. Your life is not a roll of the dice, God is not playing games with you. Your inner world, your thoughts, your emotions, and your desires, are creating your outer world. As an energetic being, you are constantly sending out frequencies into your environment. This frequency is like a song which other people, situations, or places are hearing. When two songs resonate with each other they are attracted to each other. The vibration you send out is either matching and aligning with health and vitality or it is in opposition to it. It is like listening to a beautiful symphony being played and suddenly one of the instruments hits a note which is out of tune. The whole music seems to stop, and you feel disconnected. This disconnection creates fear and separation and robs you of your power.

Choose to become a conscious human, take a moment to quiet your busy mind and connect to your heart center several times a day. Choose to focus on and hold gratitude, peace, and joy in your heart. And you will begin to create and send out frequencies which align with health, healing, vitality, and life.

copyright Restoring Light 2020, all rights reserved


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