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Emotions as Guideposts

As humans we experience a vast landscape of emotions. On some days, our emotions intensify and seem on the verge of overpowering us. Are these feelings enemies or friends, are they urging us to notice something, or trying to keep us captive? Over the years, as I studied mindfulness, I learned that our emotions serve a purpose - they are signposts guiding us back into harmony when we’re feeling off balance. When we react emotionally to a situation this alerts us to the fact that something about this situation stirs feelings inside us. It might touch areas where you feel insecure, hurt, or vulnerable. These emotions may prompt you to react with anger, jealousy, or other low-frequency emotions. You do this to protect yourself, often a defense mechanism to protect and conceal emotional triggers which need to be addressed and released. When you feel these surges of emotion, understand that they are highlighting an internal imbalance. They point out an area where you are not completely centered or hold past trauma. Emotions are simply energy.  This energy can be a guide, a teacher, or a friend - calling for your attention and a thoughtful response.

Sometimes we find ourselves struggling with emotions like anger or depression. If we fully identify with these feelings, they can overpower us, affecting how we function. However, there's an alternative approach. When anger surges within me, I step back and observe it from an external perspective. Instead of saying, “I'm so angry!” I ask myself “why might I be feeling anger in this situation?” This vantage point allows me to explore my emotions instead rather than becoming their captive.  

When uncomfortable emotions surface, calm your mind, and center your heart. Instead of clinging to these emotional responses try acknowledging them without judgment, this creates a space for greater clarity and understanding. Ask questions such as “Why do I feel this way? What is at the root of this emotion?” or “Is this situation reminding me of a situation in my past which cased me to get angry?” Initially, your mind might rush in with stories, opinions, and reasons for your discomfort, seeking someone or something to blame. This is natural - dig deeper.

Drop down into your heart center, take a few deep breaths, and relax. Ask for the underlying truth, “What’s really causing me to feel this way? When you do this with an open heart and calm mind, the answers will come, often as a gentle knowing, free of judgment or heightened emotion. It is in this state that you can truly understand your feelings and work towards restoring your internal balance. By listening to the still, small voice of your heart, you can uncover the deeper truth and begin to heal.

As you become present in this space, you can make conscious choices to release those emotions, or shift into a higher state of vibration and awareness. By responding from this elevated perspective, you can transform your relationship with your emotions and move toward a more balanced and harmonious state of being. The power to cultivate inner peace lies within your ability to detach, observe, and consciously choose how to respond.

Healing begins with recognizing that each moment presents a choice. We can nourish our bodies with wholesome food or indulge in something harmful. We can choose to exercise or remain sedentary on the couch all afternoon. Similarly, we can hold onto low-frequency emotions or transform them into higher-vibration feelings. This power of choice is the cornerstone of our ability to heal and transform our bodies. As various thoughts and emotions arise, remember that you have the power to choose your response. Some emotions have been with us for a lifetime, so we need to be patient in transforming them, as our mind or ego can become very attached to these longstanding feelings.

When an emotion or symptom manifests in your body, see it as a chance to make choices that foster healing and light. Step by step, action by action, you navigate these choices, slowly embracing the path toward greater health and harmony. Each morning, as you start your day be mindful of the vibration you choose to resonate with - in doing so, you shift the outcome of how your day unfolds and empower yourself to be a conscious creator of your life.

I pray these words of encouragement help you move forward on your paths in healing, Valerie

copyright 2024, Restoring Light, all rights reserved

Artwork by Valerie Greguire


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